2020 Watchdog Booster Club Board Members

Booster Club Board Members

President: Brendyn Richards
Vice President: Jill Mockler
Treasurer: John Christensen
Secretary: Carly Cordell
Board Members Scott Klungseth, Dawn Seeley, Tim Lawrence, Lisa Collins, Butch Farley, Mike Lounsbery, Adam Nelson, Mary Heiberger, Mary Hansen, Joe Bak, Tricia Bak
Shout out to our Watchdog Booster Club Members who have helped us Unleash the Pride in a really big way!  We could not do what we do without your continued support. Thank you for making our jobs easier! 

Pride Members 

Thomas and Heidi Merriman Nathan and Andrea Anderson Doug and Deb Lyle
Mike and Tosha Schurch Mike and Amanda Lounsbery Ryan and Rachael Tiedeman
Michael and Angela Tiedeman Dan and Kate Erickson Mike and Stacy Tjaden
Jeff and Carly Cordell Mitchell and Charlotte Shegrud Stuart and Kristy Sveeggen
Shaun and Krista Andrews Jamie and Andrea Engbarth Mike and Julie Limmer
Adam and Michelle Nelson Scott and Michelle Klungseth Jeff and Lisa Collins
Steve and Shelia Orr Eli and Dawn Seeley Marc and Lisa Bogue
Mike and Dixie Nelson Brendyn and Coralie Richards Trevor and Mary Hansen
Shane and Erin Bryant Travis and Jill Mockler Tim and Amy Farley

Purple Members 

Renee James Clint Ellis Sally Dolan
Troy James Erin Bidne Keith Zanter
Tricia Beeson Brian Field Geoff Gross
Dale Nothdurft Dustin Degen Kelly Knutson
Beth Ellis Jared Olson

Watchdog Members 

Kristi Adams Kim Markl Jeff DeLay
Jeramie Adams Mary Ellen Saugstad Vickie DeLay
Shana Jensen Deb Bergland Mary Heiberger
Brad Jensen Dan Bergland Frank Kumm
Jason Atwood Jerry Carda Marabeth Kumm
Tara Atwood David Bogue Sarah Antonson
Nick Halvorson Jessica Seivert Eric Andal
Ashley Halvorson Karen Goblirsch Lynsey Andal
Noelle Muller Melissa Fickbohm Tracy St. Pierre
Joe Markl Ryan Fickbohm Susan Lyle