2020 Watchdog Booster Club Board Members

Booster Club Board Members

President: Brendyn Richards
Vice President: Jill Mockler
Treasurer: John Christensen
Secretary: Carly Cordell
Board Members Scott Klungseth, Dawn Seeley, Tim Lawrence, Lisa Collins, Butch Farley, Mike Lounsbery, Adam Nelson, Mary Heiberger, Mary Hansen, Joe Bak, Tricia Bak
Shout out to our Watchdog Booster Club Members who have helped us Unleash the Pride in a really big way!  We could not do what we do without your continued support. Thank you for making our jobs easier! 

Pride Members 

Greg and Mary Heiberger Brian and Anna Limoges Aaron and Danica Schaap
Cliff and Sherrie Huot Derrick and Emily Livingston Michael and Natosha Schurch
Ryan and Melissa Fickbohm Shea and Michelle Merrigan Eli and Dawn Seeley
Brian and Anna Limoges Thomas and Heidi Merriman Todd and Marcy Spomer
Scott and Michelle Klungseth Al and Crissy Mullinix Stuart and Kristi Sveegen
Brian and Peggy James Travis and Jill Mockler Michael and Angela Tiedeman
Brad and Shana Jensen Adam and Michelle Nelson Ryan and Rachael Tiedeman
Travis and Mindy Johnson Mike and Candace Peterson Mike and Stacy Tjaden
Rob and Susanne Merrigan-Johnson Harland and June Paulson Travis and Lisa Watkins
Luke and Lindsey Koth Brendyn and Coralie Richards James and Katie Westra
Tim and Julie Larson Adam and Cami Rosheim

Purple Members 

Laura Archambeau Sally Dolan Chris Savey
Dr. Joe Bak Karen Goblirsch Keith Zanter
Rian Beeson Dale Nothdurft

Watchdog Members 

Brad Antonson Jeff Delay Mike and Julie Limmer
Sarah Antonson Vickie Delay Kim Markl
Linda Anderson Seth Flemmer David and Marsha Nelson
Robert Anderson Ashley Halvorson Jared and Emily Olson
Tricia Beeson Nick Halvorson Connie Richards
David Bogue Terry and Lora Jensen Mary Ellen Saugstad
Jerry Carda Darin Jepsen Sandy Strom
Cortland Carnes Dick and Gayle Johnson Erik Traxler
John Christensen Frank and Marabeth Kumm