Constitution and By Laws

Beresford Athletic Booster Club, Inc.

Article I


The name of this corporation shall be the ‘Beresford Athletic Booster Club, Inc.’ hereinafter “BABC.”

Article II

The mission of BABC shall be to support and encourage student participation in Beresford School sponsored athletic programs by: 

  • Promoting and striving for improvements in athletics and academics.
  • Encouraging and recognizing high standards of sportsmanship.
  • Ethically support the athletic program at Beresford School.
  • Assist with financial support of the athletic program at Beresford School.
  • Promoting goodwill and fellowship among its members.

BABC shall not attempt to or dictate change, coerce or interfere with the policies set down by the athletic department or school administration.

Contributions by BABC, in the forms of goods, services and/or fiduciary contributions are intended to augment the Athletic Program at Beresford School. BABC does not serve as a substitute for the financial/legal obligations and responsibilities of the State of South Dakota, Counties of Lincoln/Union/Clay and/or the Beresford School District to provide the basic need of the Athletic Program(s) at Beresford School. 

Article III

Financial Policies

  1. No monies of BABC shall be portioned to its members, board of directors, or officers; however, members, directors or officers may be reimbursed of actual out of pocket expenditures incurred for or authorized by BABC. BABC shall be non-commercial, non-sectarian and non-partisan and shall not endorse political candidates or commercial enterprise but may endorse corporate members as part of the promotion of the BABC.
  2. All expenditures of Five Hundred Dollars ($500.00) or greater must be approved by the Executive Board, including budgeted expenditures of standing committees.
  3. The Executive Board shall designate a final date for submission of requests for funds from eligible programs. Each funding request from a school sponsored activity (Grades 7-12) must be approved by the Beresford Activities Director prior to submission to the BABC. 

Article IV


Membership shall be open to all parents/guardians, faculty, coaches, alumni and parents of alumni and the community surrounding Beresford School District.  Members must pay annual membership dues and as individual and corporate members.  Membership levels and dues are reviewed and set annually by the BABC Board or by the Members at an annual or special meeting of the Corporation.  Membership cards will be issued upon payment of annual membership dues.  Each Member whose dues have been paid shall be entitled to one vote and be eligible for election to the Board of Directors of BABC.

Article V

Meetings of Members

An annual meeting of the Members will be held in June of each year to elect a Board of Directors, officers and conduct such other business as may come before the Members. A special meeting of the corporation may be called by the President, Board of Directors or ten percent (10%) of the current members of the corporation eligible to vote.  Notice of any regular or special meeting of the members of Beresford Athletic Booster Club, Inc. shall be provided to the members at least ten (10) days in advance of said meeting, but not more than fifty (50) days before the date of the meeting by any reasonable means including, but not limited to, traditional mail, hand delivery, email, or electronic facsimile. 

Any action required to be taken at a meeting of the members or directors of the Corporation, or any action which may be taken at a meeting of the members or directors or a committee of directors, may be taken without a meeting if consent in writing, setting forth the actions so taken, shall be signed by all members entitled to vote with respect to the subject matter thereof, or all of the directors or all of the members of the committee of directors, as the case may be. Such consent and signature may be transmitted by any reasonable means including, but not limited to, traditional mail, hand delivery, email, or electronic facsimile.

Article VI

Board of Directors and Officers

The day-to-day operations of BABC shall be under the direction of Board of Directors.   A Board consisting of an odd number of persons and not less than 5 nor more than 15 directors shall be elected at annual meetings of the Members of BABC.   Directors shall serve 2-year terms until their successors are duly elected.   The Board of Directors shall include as part of its membership, 4 officers consisting of the following:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer

The positions of Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer shall be elected at the annual meeting of the Members by nomination or ballot.   The Vice President shall assume the duties of the President at the end of the President’s term.   The Officers shall constitute the Executive Board and shall have the following duties

  1. President: The President shall preside at all executive board, Board of Director and membership meetings.  The President shall also coordinate the work of the executive board members and committees in order that the objectives of the BABC organization may be promoted. With the approval of the other board members shall appoint committee chairpersons and duties. The President shall be the liaison with the Beresford School District Administration/Faculty and Athletic Department. The President’s term will be two (2) years.  No person may serve more than 2 consecutive terms as President.
  2. Vice-President: The Vice-President shall act as an aide to the President and in the absence of the President, shall perform duties of the President. The Vice President will also be responsible for the by-law distribution.
  3. Secretary: The Secretary shall:
    1. Maintain accurate permanent records of the proceedings for the Membership, Board and Executive Board Meetings.
    2. Present the minutes for the Membership, Board and Executive board meetings.
    3. Maintain a master list of volunteer appointments and responsibilities.
    4. Coordinate all correspondences, which may include newsletters, publicity, web site or upcoming events. The Secretary’s 2-year term shall be staggered with that of the President so that there is not a change of the Secretary position the same year as President.  Should the term of the secretary end the same year as President, board can extend secretary term an additional year not to exceed 3-year term. 
  4. Treasurer: The Treasurer shall:
    1. Maintain accurate financial records for the corporation.
    2. Make all deposits for the corporation in the bank approved by the Executive Board.
    3. Make all payments authorized by the Executive Board.
    4. Present a budget throughout the year.
    5. Present a written Statement of Accounts at all meetings.
    6. Make a full written report to the Members each year at the annual meeting.

Article VII

Nominating Committee

The Board of Directors shall constitute the Nominating committee for the corporation.   The Nominating Committee shall meet not less than one month before the Corporation’s annual meeting and will recommend one (1) or more candidates for each position open on the Board of Directors. Nominations will be presented to the membership at the annual meeting, at which time any additional nominations may be presented from the floor by any member in good standing with the membership. Consent of the candidate(s) up for nomination(s) shall be obtained prior to placing his/her name on the ballot.

Article VIII

Duties of Board of Directors

The duties/commitment and expectations of members of the Board of Directors shall be defined as follows:

  1. Approve the budget at the beginning of the year and at such times deemed necessary to accommodate a change of circumstances.
  2. All Board members will be an active member in good standing with the organization known as BABC. When a board member fails to attend three (3) consecutive general meetings of the organization, without an adequate excuse, the executive board may declare his/her post as vacant. In this event, the Board shall appoint, subject to the approval of the membership, an interim member for the balance of the term.
  3. Each board member will be actively involved in at least one of the Corporation’s committees.
  4. A vacancy occurring in any office (except the President) shall be filled for the unexpired term by a current board member appointed by the executive board and serve the remaining term. In case a vacancy occurs in the office of President, the Vice-President shall serve the remaining term.
  5. Each member, upon the expiration of his/her term on the board, or in the event of resignation, shall without delay, turn over to the newly elected member or President, all books, records, funds or other materials pertaining to his/her duties and shall submit a written description of the functions he/she performed and the extent of the continuity.

Article IX

Standing and Special Committees

Committees shall be appointed by the President and approved by the Board.  Each committee shall consist of a member of the Board of Directors and such other persons as approved by the Board.  A chairperson of each committee will be included in the appointment.  The standing committees of the Corporation shall include the following:

  • Information Technology/Marketing;
  • Frostbite 4;
  • Membership;
  • Fundraising;
  • Enhanced Sports Programming;
  • Social/Spirit; and
  • Recognition/Scholarships.

Special committees created and appointed for a specific program will cease to exist upon completion of the assigned work.   Each Chairperson on vacating his/her position shall pass on his/her successor or to the President without delay, all reports, records, books or funds and other material(s) pertaining to his /her committee.

All Standing Committees shall follow guidelines and responsibilities put forth by the President and/or the Executive Board.

Article X


The By-Laws of this corporation may be amended at any regular meeting of the Board of Directors or at any other meeting of the Board of Directors called for that purpose.

Article XI

Roberts Rules of Order

Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised in Brief for small organizations shall be govern the conduct of all matters before the Corporation, the Board of Directors or Executive Board.

APPROVED December 2, 2020