September 2023 Monthly Meeting

September Board Minutes
September 6, 2023
Location H.S. Library

Current Board Members: Carrie Buum, Jeff Buum, John Christensen, Butch Farley, Megan Joseph, Scott Klungseth, Mike Lounsbery, Jill Mockler, Adam Nelson, Randy Quartier, Brendyn Richards (absent), Dawn Seeley, Michael Schurch and Ashley Sharpe.

Secretary Report: Megan Joseph. Jeff made a motion to approve, Mike seconded by . No further discussion. Motion carried.

Treasurer Report: John Christensen. John stated he will be meeting with Jared O. next week to go over budget and upcoming expenses. Megan made a motion to approve, seconded by Scott. No further discussion. Motion carried.

Current Balance Total: $55,866.32
Checking Balance: $17,596.01
Savings Balance: $38,270.31

Bills Paid:
• FDNB C.C. $386.56 (Shopify Annual Fees)
• Beresford Schools Rozy $2,670.00
• Dawn Seeley- XC Lanterns $75.00
• Intense Graphics XC Shirts $1,083.93
• After Prom Reimbursement $200.00
• Carrie Buum-Membership Cards $11.00
• Adam Nelson-Football Camp $527.00
• Jill Mockler-Pocket Calendars $533.70

Old/New Business
a. Sub-committee updates (if any)
a. Membership Committee:Adam, Brendyn, Butch, Jeff, Jill and John
i. Membership Drive
1. ‘22-23 61 Pride, 16 Purple, 23 Watchdog
2. ‘23-24 41 Pride, 7 Purple, 2 Watchdogs (as of September 6th)
3. Discussion was had as to whether the Booster Club needs to reimburse the school for activity passes of members who already have a pass that was given to them from the school (staff, coaches, etc.). Decided no, but Adam was going to confirm with Jared O.

ii. Booster Club Pocket Calendars-need to be delivered to businesses in town
iii. Corporate Sponsorships (Had a short meeting after Board meeting)
iv. Booster Club will be selling Memberships Friday, September 8th & Homecoming Sept 22nd.

b. Public Relations/Outreach: Carrie, Erik, Dawn and Michael
a. Website Updates-Updates by Carrie are appreciated greatly!
b. Credentials and access to Booster Club FB information
i. Carrie agreed to create a document with guidelines for those who want to post.
ii. Also discussed if persons posting should have to have Booster Club Membership.
c. Post new pictures and upload past minutes
i. Jill will get this information to Carrie. New group picture of Seniors involved in athletics will be posted once available.

c. Fundraising Events: Ashley, Brendyn and Dawn
a. Dates for Basketball tournaments were decided on as Dec. 2nd for Girls (Adam will confirm this date with Owen), and March 2nd for Boys.
b. Frostbite 4-Feb 10th-nothing new discussed.

d. School Enrichment: Adam, Michael, Mike, Randy and Scott
a. Cross country opener
i. Owen inquired about possibilities of having food available next year (concessions, food trucks, etc.)
b. Watchdog Inflatable is hoping to be returned before Homecoming.
c. Homecoming Week
i. Jill has been in touch with Tricia Bak about street painting as well as replenishing spirit items (costing $800-$1000).
ii. Street painting will take place Sunday September 15th (time not yet determined), with possibility of moving to Saturday in case rain is forecasted.
iii. Any supplies needed for Street Painting can be charged to Ace Hardware, and John will pay the bill afterwards.
iv. Parade volunteers are Adam, Jill and Scott. Erik offered his ATV for them to use.
v. Motion was made by Jeff to increase the parade “toss items” to $400. This was seconded by Erik. No further discussion. Motion passed.
d. Hall of Fame Banquet
i. Ashley will represent the Booster Club and hand out awards that night.
e. Large Flag-30*60 ($500)
i. Adam will pick up Thursday night (September 21st).
ii. Meet at 6:30 to get ready to carry out flag (Jill and others available will help organize the vounteers and get flag unfolded).

e. Open Items
a. Conference Flags- Adam reached out to Owen as to why these weren’t displayed at first game, he stated that the poles have started to bend on them because of the wind.
b. It was stated that the Tear Drop flags and back drops are in the Tarp Room, and the rest of the Booster Club supplies are in the Ticket Booth at the Stadium.
i. Adam offered to bring a couple of totes to store BC supplies in.

c. Checklists are needed for each even the Booster Club is in charge of to make setting up more efficient.

d. Softball Fields- Need to talk to Jared about them.

e. Adam resigned as President (but still remaining on the board), therefore Jeff steps up from VP to President. Motion was made by Scott, and seconded by Ashley. No further discussion. Motion passed.

f. VP nominations- Michael S, Erik and Ashley were nominated. A motion was made by Michael S. to make Erik the new Vice President, and seconded by Scott. No further discussion. Motion carried.

g. Ask Rachel in HS office about sending out a mass email with Membership signup information, for those who may not have made it to an event where we have been selling.

Other Business
• Next Meeting Date: October 4th, 2023