September 2021 Monthly Board Meeting

Board Meeting
September 8, 2021
6:30 p.m. HS Library

Present Board Members: John Christensen, Butch Farley, Mary Hansen, Mary Heiberger, Scott Klungseth, Tim Lawrence, Mike Lounsbery, Jill Mockler, Adam Nelson, Brendyn Richards, Dawn Seeley, Randy Quartier, Mark Van Otterloo

Absent: Dr. Joe Bak, Tricia Bak

Others present: Mr. Gross, Dr. Degen

Secretary Report – Mary Hansen: corrections made to August minutes under coaches request and school expenses.

            Brendyn made motion to approve and Scott seconds. No further discussion

Treasurer Report – Current balance: $ 39,097.22

Approved bills/Invoices to be payed:

  • $421.81 Fiesta Foods: broasted chicken for Football Jersey night
  • $318.00 Football movie outing (Invoice)
  • $936.27 Intense Graphics Clothing voucher
  • $355.00 Pocket calendars: (Booster club to cover expense)

Coach’s requests paid:

  • $2,549.46 Cheer
  • $281.16 Intense Graphics black eyes
  • $1,078.31 Intense Graphics XC t-shirts
  • $14.63 Dawn Seeley XC awards

     Butch made motion to approve payment of bills/invoices. Mike L. seconds. No further discussion

Dustin Degen – Watchdog Foundation Pledge requesting $5,000 Booster Club donation, decision tabled until after Homecoming

Old Business

  1. Annual Budget process for 2021-22 (on hold during Membership drive)
  2. Football Jersey/Parent picnic night & Cross-Country opener – Football players and parents pictured in Beresford Republic. Dawn: Cross country shirts sold night before at Cross country spaghetti supper. Next year to order bigger shirt sizes.
  3. Sub-committee updates
    • Membership Committee
      1. Membership drive updates: sold 49 online memberships and 2 corporate memberships to date. $15,665.00
      2. Webstore: Unable to get stadium chairs
  • Sponsorship outreach: setting up meetings with business
  1. Website issues & maintenance
  • Public Relations/Outreach: no new update
  • Fundraising Events: no new update
  • School Enrichment: no new update

New Business

  1. Football team outing – Movie at Lund Theater, invoice given to pay for ticket, popcorn and drink for each player and coaches
  2. Homecoming week
    • Street Painting: September 12th at 5 p.m.
    • Morning Mingle for Corporate Sponsors: September 14th at 7:30 a.m. Beresford High School. Senior athletes and Fall coaches invited to attend
    • Homecoming parade - Mark volunteered to drive golf cart. Mary Hansen to purchase candy for parade
    • Homecoming spirit items: Tricia to sort orders and bring to elementary school
    • Hall of Fame event – Butch to help hand out awards on behalf of the booster club.
  3. Girls and Boys Basketball Tournaments – Dates January 15th (girls tournament) and February 19th (boys tournament)
  4. Lions club offered Booster club to take over November craft fair concessions with Booster club not interested at this time.

 Other Business

  1. Next Meeting Date:

October 6th in Beresford High School library

            John made motion to adjourn. Scott seconds. No further discussion. Meeting adjourned at 8:12 p.m.