September 2019 Monthly Board Meeting

Monthly Board Meeting
September 4, 2019
7:00 p.m. at High School Library


Board Members present: Brendyn Richards, Jill Mockler, John Christensen, Carly Cordell, Lisa Collins, Mike Limmer, Chet Borah, Tricia Beeson, Michelle Weatherton, Butch Farley, Tim Lawrence, Mike Lounsberry, Dawn Seeley, and Scott Klungseth

Absent Board Members: Adam Nelson

Meeting to order at 7:06pm by president Brendyn Richards

Secretary’s Report: Jill makes motion to approve minutes as written, Brendyn seconds.  No discussion.  Motion approved.

Treasurer’s Report:  Current balance as of September 3, 2019 is $51,400.70

Payment requests:

  • Board approved paying the following bills: Intense Graphics $1027.19 for XC T-Shirts; Mike Limmer $104.51 for XC supplies; Cindy Erlandson $114.96 for Lanterns for XC Trophies; Fiesta Foods $168.21 for hospitality table; Intense Graphics $875.09 for Board Member apparel; Printing Plus $378.08 for Pocket Calendars; Printing Plus for Membership Cards $142.71; Beresford School $1085.00 for Weight Room Record Boards; Geoff Gross $95.64 for VB girl snacks
  • Membership Apparel Coupons: $773.00 in coupons have been redeemed so far in the Booster Club Store. Board agrees to pay stated amount and pay additional coupons redeemed next month.

Scott made motion to approve payments listed above.  Michelle seconds.  No discussion. Motion approved.

  • Total profit on XC T-Shirt sales = $343.34
  • Discussion around some upcoming payments include the following: $6500 balance remains for Rozy commitment and Senior Scholarships in the amount of $5200 will be paid in January.

Coaches Requests:

  • Boys basketball requested $1500 for summer camps and was paid to the school; however, no money was used. Worked with Geoff to apply that money to be applied to Booster Club balance for the Rozy Program.
    • Booster Club has paid $2550 out of $9000 commitment.John will check with Geoff to determine when the remaining amount needs to paid.
    • Jill recommends pulling Rozy out of coach’s request and put it on it’s own budget line item.
  • Volleyball has a coach’s request still open. Only paid $800 out of $2300 requested so far.  Six months is up on some of the requests so it will be now closed.

Annual Filing:

  • Teresa Sveeggen confirmed that the BABC will have to complete the long form for annual filing. She is willing to complete this.  John will work with her to get it done.

Mike Limmer made a motion to approve treasurers report. Chet seconds.  No discussion.  Motion approved

Old Business:

  • BHS Alumni Association: No updates
  • Weight Room Record Board: These have been paid for and have arrived.
  • Fall Activities Kick Off: Looking for feedback on Informational meeting that Mr. Gross leads before Fall sports start.Brendyn provided recognition of summer report from coaches that Booster Club supported.
    • Suggestion: Could BABC get pictures of camp activities and to show results at meeting.
    • Discussion around membership form to be added to back to school packet that is sent out electronically with other back to school forms.
  • Booster Club Board of Directors Apparel Updates:
    • T-shirts are here and quarter zips will be here by next Friday

New Business:

  • Membership Drive
    • Membership Dues collected to date: $18,455.72
    • Total individual members = 170
    • Corporate memberships
      • Need help on this from board. Discussion of strategies to increase our business sponsors. Theme nights, Business Boosts on Facebook page
      • Strategies to call businesses – need form letter.All information on website
        • You should have received a thank you for being a sponsor last year. We are wondering if you are interested in still supporting us this year?
      • Carly will create google doc and share with group of 31 businesses from last year that were sponsors. Will be able to sign up for businesses who people are comfortable with contacting.
      • Brendyn will come up with next business “ask” list after contacting last year sponsors.
    • School Updates from Geoff Gross: Tabled
    • Discussion on outside fundraising by sports
      • This was brought up with the VB Adrenaline fundraising and camps
      • Recommendations
        • Help draft information letter to parents to ensure clear message of why coach is asking for this fundraising to occur.
        • Only have students participating in camps be part of fundraising.
        • Clear message of booster club affiliated fundraiser
      • By-Laws “cleanup” update
        • Still in progress. Will table until next month.
      • Stadium Renovations/Enhancement Ideas
        • 5 - Flags on top of stadium and to use at basketball games
          • Total cost 4x6 = $225 each flag
          • Poles would be separate
          • Would only be up on game days to increase life of flags

Tricia made a motion to approve $1500 for flags, poles, and supplies for frames.  Mike Lounsberry seconds.  No discussion.  Motion approved.


  • Watchdog inflatable entry tunnel
    • Looking for a size that could fit all sports indoor and outdoor,
    • Tim L is working with vendors for prices.Price range $2700 – $5200
    • Brendyn will send out email when we have pricing information from Tim L.


  • Flag at Entrance
    • Jared Olson likes the idea of having an “Unleash the Pride” flag at the entrance of the track/football stadium
  • Track and Field Record board to outside at track
  • Right side of gates could be kid-zone to host different activities:
    • Corn Hole, VB Game Autographs, Ladder Golf etc.
    • Suggested artificial turf there
  • Future Events
    • Street Painting September 22nd@ 3pm.Meet at High School
    • Homecoming September 27th
    • Autograph date: September 26that school
      • Michelle will contact Printing Plus
      • Tricia will order pizza
    • Float in Homecoming Parade – Tricia will ask to use a new UTV
      • Candy and pens will be given out
      • Decorate at 10 am Tricia’s house
    • Hall of Fame Night September 28th
      • Chet and Butch are willing to be there as board members to present awards
    • Athletic Home Event Calendar
  • Hospitality Table:
    • Tricia will make a sign to place above the south gym door: Unleash the Pride Hospitality table
    • October 1st: Tricia and Dawn will help with hospitality table
  • Theme Nights
    • October 1st: Fight Cancer
  • Possible Youth BB Tournament dates
    • Girls: December 7th
    • Boys: March 14th
    • After Prom is having basketball tournament November 2nd
  • Golf Event 2020 is being discussed – tabled until later meeting
  • Business Luncheon date or Morning Mingle – Looking at end of Fall Sports activity
    • November 19th7:45am
    • Location: High School Commons
  • Youth BB Camps – High school boys and girls to run this! Looking for early November.

Other Business

  • Membership forms and online process was discussed.
    • Web Designs by Teresa: For next year, would like to discuss having member emails be listed and names of intended members on emails when purchased.
    • Paper forms to be reviewed/edited for next year.
    • Clarification: Individual Membership are only eligible to purchase one activity pass

Next meeting October 2nd@ 7pm

Carly Made a motion to adjourn, Mike Limmer seconds. No discussion. Meeting adjourned @ 9:28pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Carly Cordell, BABC Secretary