October 2019 Minutes

Board Meeting Minutes

October 2, 2019

7:00 p.m. at the High School Library

Board Members Present: Chet Borah, John Christensen, Carly Cordell, Scott Klungseth, Tim Lawrence, Mike Limmer, Mike Lounsbery, Jill Mockler, Adam Nelson, Brendyn Richards, Dawn Seeley

Absent Board Members: Butch Farley, Tricia Bak, Lisa Collins, Michelle Weatherton

Other Present: Geoff Gross

Meeting called to order by Brendyn Richards @ 1903

Secretary Report:  Provided by Carly.  Mike Limmer made a motion to approve with the following corrections:

  • Under New Business Section should state “Clear message booster club is not affiliated with fundraiser.”
  • Theme Nights: October 10th Fight Cancer, instead of October 1st.

Dawn seconds motion with correction.  No further discussion.  Motion carried. 

Treasurer Report – Provided by John.  Current balance 10/1/2019 is $53,641.73; Scholarship acct $495.00

  • Bills paid since last meeting: KnN $409.49; $49.52 S/S graphics (megaphones); John bought a book of stamps for $11.00; $781.41 to Tricia for homecoming spirits that was approved in past minutes. Inflatable Watchdog $2500.00 to Brendyn Richards; $13.98 Olson ACE Hardware for street painting; $281.16 Spirit Items to Intense Graphics
  • Request to pay $64.62 from Printing Plus; Maximum promotions for $300.00 for XC flag display; $150.00 Maximum promotions; $105.71 to Brendyn for supplies for flag poles. Will be invoiced for Flags until 5th flag shows up.

Motion made by Jill M to approve payment of Fireworks $650.00 to McKelvey and up to $1000 for Hall of Fame assistance if requested.  Chet seconds.  No discussion.  Motion approved.

Old Business

  • Annual Filing: John-update
    • Teresa is willing to prep 99 easy form. Cost will be around $200.  

Jill made a motion, John seconds to have Teresa complete filing.  No discussion.  Motion approved.

  • Bylaws “cleanup” update – need to have another meeting with executive members to finalize changes before bringing for approval.
  • Weight Room Record Board—it is up with current records added
  • Membership Drive for 2019:
    • Individuals/Couples member update
      • 191 current members: 44 Pride Memberships; 16 Purple Memberships; 20 White Memberships; and 71 Watchdog Memberships
    • Business memberships: Need help with business calls/personal visits
      • Spreadsheet is update to date. Please pick a business to contact.
      • Additional business discussed that are not listed. 
  • Fan Experience/Stadium Enhancement update
    • Stadium Flags: Waiting for one more flag for stadium.
    • Inflatable Watchdog: Ordered. In production.  Tentative arrival 11-12th of October
    • Spotlight was installed on stadium to illuminate the Watchdog on the end as fans enter
  • Homecoming week recap
    • Megaphones for fans came in late, but have available for future promotional item
      • Can’t use at games per Mr. Gross because they qualify as noise-makers
    • Would like to have more athlete involvement.
    • Can we consider adding band members to street painting next year?

New Business

  • School Updates from Geoff Gross
    • Have discussed in the past about music at games. There are copyright and piracy issues.  Looking at different options.  One of them is Neptune Music.
      • Annual Subscription: $1,800.00; Computer with Software: $375.00;

$375.00 one-time initial setup fee; Total first year $2550.00

  • Could be used for recognition of executive business sponsorship advertisements.

Adam made a motion to approve supporting annual subscription for Neptune Game Time Music, Mike Limmer seconds.  This will be an annual financial commitment for the annual subscription.  All approve.  Motion carried.

  • Committees (2019-2020 UPDATED) Still have need of a Social/Spirit committee member
    • Information Technology/Marketing: Carly, Lisa, Michelle
    • Frostbite: Dawn
    • Membership: Mike Limmer, Jill, Brendyn, John
    • Fundraising: Brendyn, Tim
    • Enhanced Sports Programming: Scott, Chet, Mike Lounsbery, Lisa, Butch
    • Social/Spirit: Tricia, Michelle, vacant
    • Recognition/Scholarships: Carly, John, Adam 
  • Future Events:
  • Business Breakfast
    • Tuesday, November 19th @ 7:45 am, HS Commons
    • Mike Limmer will work with Geoff regarding food for the breakfast
    • Great place for athletes and coaches to discuss HUDL system and how it is used and benefits programs.
  • Athletic Home Event Calendar
    • Hospitality Table is next in the Basketball season
    • Theme Nights
      • , Oct. 4th FB vs. Flandreau—Youth Cheer
  • Youth Basketball Tourney dates:
    • Girls: Date is set for December 7 3-8th  More planning at next meeting.
    • Boys: Date is set for March 14 3-8th grade
  • Youth Basketball Camps: Shoot for an early November date.  Geoff will check with coaches.  It will have to be before the season starts.
  • Others: Amazon Smiles was discussed as an option to raise money.

Next meeting is Wednesday November 6, 2019 @ 7:00pm

Carly made a motion to adjourn meeting.  Seconded by Chet. No discussion.  Meeting adjourned at 8:59pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Carly Cordell, BABC Secretary