November / December 2023 Monthly Meeting


Current Board Members: Carrie Buum, Jeff Buum, John Christensen, Tim “Butch” Farley, Megan Joseph, Scott Klungseth, Mike Lounsbery, Jill Mockler, Erik Nyhaug (absent) Adam Nelson (absent), Randy Quartier, Brendyn Richards, Dawn Seeley (absent), Michael Schurch and Ashley Sharpe.

Guests: Dustin Degen, Chris Savey, Owen Reinaldo

Secretary Report: Megan Joseph. Michael S made a motion to approve, seconded by John. No further discussion. Motion carried.

Treasurer Report: John Christensen. Ashley made a motion to approve, seconded by Jill. No further discussion, Motion carried.


            Current Balance total: $62,674.59

            Checking Balance: $24,301.06

            Savings Balance: $38,373.53


Bills Paid:

  • Jeff Buum Membership Cards $26.55
  • FDNB Card CC Shopify $16.98
  • Teresa Sveeggen (Tax Prep) $265.50
  • Frieberg Law (Annual Filing) $10.00



Old/New Business

  • Superintendent Dustin Degen -Discuss bond measures
    • Asking to use our 501c3 account
  • AD Owen Reinaldo-State Powerlifting Competition in March
    • March 9th & 10th 9-5 both days- concession opportunity for BABC.
    • Owen guesses there to be about 250 kids each day.
    • Doesn’t need an answer right away, we can come back to it next month if needed.
  • Motion was made by John to give $1000.00 to Hall of Fame Banquet., seconded by Ashley. No further discussion. Motion carried.

Sub-committee updates

  • Membership Committee: Jeff, Adam, Brendyn, Jill, John, Butch
    • Membership/Sponsorship updates, current totals
  • Public Relations/Outreach: Carrie, Dawn, Erik and Michael
    • Promote upcoming events
  • Fundraising Events: Brendyn, Dawn and Ashley
    • Youth Basketball Tournament updates (Boys Dec. 2nd)
      • 26 teams total (5 other tournaments going on the same day)
      • Volunteer signup genius will be updated by noon Thursday by Brendyn to move volunteers if needed due to fewer teams and not needing the Elementary Gym as long.
      • Setup starts Friday night at 6 p.m.
      • Owen will provide us with 4 money boxes (John will get the cash to put in them)
      • Owen will contact a janitor to have on-call all day, will give them Jeffs contact info.
      • Trophy placards given to John to give Erik.
      • Concession stand is ready and full. Keep track of how many are sold at Elementary school, the P.O.S. at the H.S. will keep track of all sold.
      • Owen will get us 8 tables to use for the day (food, admissions, tshirts, etc.)
      • Get list of food items to office to get prices put into the POS system if needed
      • Owen will make sure locker rooms are cleaned out and ready for teams to use
      • Brendyn got referee shirts to use.


  • School Enrichment: Adam, Scott, Mike and Randy


Other Business

  • Frostbite 4 updates
  • John will reach out to Joe to see if he can come to the January meeting.

Next Meeting Date: January 3rd, 2024