May 2020 Monthly Board Meeting

Beresford Athletic Booster Club
Board Meeting Minutes
May 6, 2020
7:00 p.m. via Online Zoom meeting


Current Board Members:  Brendyn Richards, John Christensen, Jill Mockler, Carly Cordell, Tricia Bak, Chet Borah, Lisa Collins, Butch Farley, Scott Klungseth, Tim Lawrence, Mike Limmer, Mike Lounsbery, Adam Nelson, Dawn Seeley

Absent Board Members:  Michelle Weatherton

Others Present: Geoff Gross, Seth Flemmer, Matt Coy, Keith Kropuenske, Scott Ebert, Lynsey Andal

Meeting Called to Order: Zoom Meeting was called to order at 1903 by Brendyn Richards, President

Secretary Report: Minutes were presented by Carly and reviewed by present members.  Scott K made a motion to approve minutes as written.  Adam seconds.  No discussion.  Minutes approved. 

Treasurer Report: John presented treasurer’s report 

Current Balance: $36,366.88                      Scholarship Account: $245

  • This is the last year of the Karen Carlson Scholarship. In past years, this scholarship was in the amount of $250. 

Carly made a motion to move $5 into the scholarship account from the general account to bring amount to $250.  Jill seconds.  Account will need to be closed after scholarship awarded.  Motion approved.

  • Payments need to be made are both related to the banquet: Western Printing (Programs) $623.02 and JD House of Trophies $35.41 for Volunteer of the Year Plaque. Payments approved.
  • Fiscal year 2019 financials have been taken to Teresa Sveeggen for taxes. Will report back when completed.

Old Business

Frostbite 4 update: Dawn

  • Frostbite committee has received payments from All Sports Central. Frostbite President, Troy Boone, would like to meet with BABC to discuss funding and future planning.  More to come.

New Business

School Updates: Geoff Gross

  • School buildings are closed until May 31st. There will be a meeting on May 20th to re-evaluate.  This will impact summer coach’s requests, camps and programming.
  • Coach’s Request updates: Mr. Gross asked BABC to consider allotting a fixed amount of money that could be put towards summer programs as community and opportunities open back up.
    • Many camps are cancelled, however there are is a VB camp in Dordt at the end of June that is still on.
    • No decision made on coach requests or amount of money to allocate. Concern over tracking of funds usage has been discussed in past for bookkeeping and budget planning considerations. 
  • Summer Coach Rozy
    • Due to COVID-19 Summer Rozy is creating an online program. It will be an App with YouTube videos.  Program will run May 18 – August 7.
      • Cost $69 per participant
      • School will pay for $25
      • School requesting Booster Club pay $25
      • Athlete will pay $19 + recommended equipment costs (exercise ball, resistant band, yoga mat)
    • Registration/Payment would need to be worked out with Kyle McKelvey, School and BABC.
  • Record Lobby Board
    • This has not been ordered yet by the school. Waiting for more funding to come in before ordering.

End of Year Banquet

  • Banquet/Program Agenda: Google Doc with detailed agenda/information has been shared and updated. Banquet will be held by Zoom on May 7 @ 7pm. 
    • Top Dawgs from last year assisting announcing 3 sport athletes: Alana Bergland, Alec Atwood, Jack Antonson
  • Banquet Program: Completed and printed by Western Printing.
    • Programs for senior athletes will be delivered to Intense Graphics to be placed with Senior Blankets
    • Underclassman will pick up programs at school when turn in school supplies.
  • Booster Club Volunteer of the Year (Service Award): Goes to Rachelle Borah. Plaque ordered and picked up from JD House of Trophies.
  • Booster Club Scholarships: Scholarship committee met and reviewed scholarships. Recipients chosen based on rubric.
  • Karen Carlson Scholarship: Last year to present this scholarship. Recipient = Brandon Andrews
  • Top Dawg awards /National Guard: Geoff
    • Process-picture for plaque: will get a picture on Zoom
  • Senior recognition: Blankets will be picked up at Intense Graphics.

Board Members

  • Terms completed
    • Mike Limmer and Chet Borah terms are complete at the end of June.
    • John Christensen term is complete in June 2020. Willing to serve 1 more year.
    • Will need to discuss with Michelle Weatherton if wants to continue as a board member.
  • New Bylaws in place defining active members.
  • Recruitment: Potential Board Members were discussed. Brendyn and Jill will work on recruiting new board members to begin in June.

Membership Committee

  • 2020-21 Membership Planning needs to begin for the fall membership drive for general and corporate memberships. Board members willing to meet in subcommittee include:
    • Adam Nelson, Mike Limmer, Brendyn Richards, Jill Mockler, Lisa Collins and Carly
    • Plan to meet on Wednesday, May 13, 2020 @ 7pm. Location Beresford Rescue station 

Next Meeting: June 3rd, 2020 @ 7pm via Zoom

Respectfully Submitted,

Carly Cordell, BABC Secretary