March 2022 Monthly Board Meeting

Board Meeting Minutes
March 9, 2022
6:30 p.m. HS Library

Current Board Members: Dr, Joe Bak, Tricia Bak, John Christensen, Butch Farley, Mary Hansen, Mary Heiberger, Scott Klungseth, Tim Lawrence, Mike Lounsbery, Jill Mockler, Adam Nelson, Brendyn Richards, Dawn Seeley, Randy Quartier, Mark Van Otterloo

Absent: Tricia Bak, Mary Heiberger, Mark Van Otterloo

Guest: Mr. Gross

Secretary Report – Mary H.: John made motion to approve, Scott K second. No further discussion. Motion carried

Treasurer Report – John

Current Balance: $ 53,750.62

Jill presented year to date Budget spreadsheet.

Paid balance/Invoices:

Brendyn Richards: $56.41 (tournament supplies)

BHS concessions: $1300.00

Fiesta Foods: $259.95 (hospitality room food)

Jill Mockler: $148.35 (tournament concessions walking tacos)

McKelvey Fireworks: $500.00 (Homecoming Firework display)

1st credit card bill: $388.68 (Pizza tournament concession)

Boys Tournament refund paid to the following 3 teams:

            $140.00 Avera Sports

            $70.00 Nick Houden

            $50.00: Palace City 5th grade

Dawn made motion to approve and Mike L seconds. No further discussion. Motion carried.

Old Business

  1. Sub-committee updates (if any)
    • Membership Committee: Brendyn, Jill, John, Joe, Butch
      1. Boomerang update/payment of activity cards?? Brendyn to have total at April meeting
    • Public Relations/Outreach: Mary Heiberger and Mike Lounsbery. No updates
    • Fundraising Events: Mary Hansen, Dawn, Tim, Brendyn,
      1. What is our interest in Duathlon event: June 18th, Dawn to speak with Sue Christensen on details of event? No further discussion at this time, tabled until April meeting.
      2. Frostbite recap: Dawn final amount coming soon
  • Boys Tournament recap: 38 teams registered. Total net profit $ 8,165.71
  • School Enrichment: Mary Hansen, Adam, Scott, Dawn, Tricia, Randy
    1. Share invoices and related documents in Google docs – progress update? – Geoff. No update at this time.
    2. Possible Volleyball Tournament in the summer that Booster club can help with concession sales.

New Business

  1. Homecoming firework display – keep it, change it, eliminate it? Change firework display to Monday night of Coronation after burning of the “V” to kick off Homecoming week, instead of Friday night after Football game. Scott made motion to approve, Adam second. No further discussion. Motion carried.
  2. Coaches Requests
    • Recommendation from subcommittee on uses of funds within coaches’ requests: Mr. Gross to notify all HS coaches to attend April meeting and present their coaches requests to the board.
    • No money to be given from Booster Club for season year-end parties. Adam made motion, Mary Hansen seconds. No further discussion. Motion carried.
  3. Scholarship applications sent out and due back April 1st. Jill emailed updated application to Mrs. Pratt
  4. Update from Athletic Banquet planning. HS gym will be the venue (event is May 5th).
  5. New Tournament committee created to assist with yearly Booster club tournaments: committee members: Brendyn, Adam, Randy, Scott.

Other Business

  1. Next Meeting Date:

April 6th

  • Update Booster Club picture to be taken at Athletic Banquet. Wear Black pullover
  • Consider changing name of Athletic Banquet, since me are no longer serving a meal? Any name suggestions??
  • Fall Kick-Off Event sponsored by BC: Football, Cross Country, Boys Golf, Volleyball, Cheer/Dance

Meeting adjourned: 8:00 p.m. John made motion, Brendyn seconds. No further discussion made.