March 2020 Monthly Board Meeting

Board Meeting
March 4, 2020
7:00 p.m. at the High School Library


Current Board Members: John Christensen, Carly Cordell, Butch Farley, Tim Lawrence, Mike Limmer, Mike Lounsbery, Jill Mockler, Adam Nelson, Brendyn Richards, Dawn Seeley

Absent Board Members:  Tricia Bak, Chet Borah, Scott Klungseth, Lisa Collins, Michelle Weatherton

Secretary Report – Carly

February meeting minutes were reviewed.  Clarification on under New Business, School updates was requested regarding HUDL.  After discussion, minutes will be amended to state the following:

  • HUDL total cost for 2019-20 school year was $7500. Booster club paid $3000 and school paid $4500 to cover costs.

Mike Limmer made a motion to approve minutes with above addendum.  John seconds.  All approve.  No further discussion.  Minutes approved.

Treasurer Report – presented by John.

Current Balance: $37, 735.39                 Scholarship Account: $245.00

  • Karen Carlson Scholarship in the amount of $250 was paid to Alana Bergland as the 2019 recipient in February with other scholarships. 2020 will be the last year that this scholarship is offered.
  • Received deposit of $10.05 from Amazon Smile. Discussed ways to market this during membership drive.
  • Payments due to Fiesta Foods $140.50 for hospitality table.
  • Board preapproved withdrawal of $3000 start up cash for the Boys Basketball Youth tournament being hosted on March 14.
  • Question raised regarding financial records and how many years they are required to be kept filed. John will check with Teresa Sveeggen on her recommendation.

Mike LImmer made a motion to approve treasurer report.  Jill seconds.  No further discussion.  Report approved.

Old Business

  • Scholarships
    • Scholarship was sent to the school and emailed out to students by Mrs. Pratt. Deadline for application is April 2, 2020.
    • Rubric is not created yet.
      • Mr Gross indicated that there is a draft of a rubric created from years past. Will email document to Carly.
    • Brendyn will work with Vermillion Booster Club President to see if they will assist with selection of recipients.
  • Bylaw updates-meeting Thursday, March 5th
    • Will review and update bylaws.
    • Review of Booster Board Member Terms. Members up for renewal.  Will review again once bylaw updates are completed.
      • 3-year term completion July 2020: Chet Borah, Mike Limmer, John Christensen
      • Year to year commitment July 2020: Tricia Bak and Michelle Weatherton
      • 3-year term completion July 2021: Brendyn Richards, Carly Cordell, Scott Klungseth, Jill Mockler, Dawn Seeley
      • 3-year term completion July 2022: Tim Lawrence, Lisa Collins, Butch Farley, Mike Lounsberry, Adam Nelson
    • Marketing Brochure update—Tim L.
      • Some information has been sent to Tim. Draft is being pulled together.  Needs some more information from Mike LImmer and Brendyn to complete.  Will set up meeting.

New Business

  • School Updates were given by Mr. Gross.
    • Coaches requests were received and reviewed. Total amount requested in school and coach requests = $43,553
    • Current Time sensitive request is for $1000 to help support the purchase of an electronic display board for in the lobby. School also looking for support from other local funding options.
    • Discussion around tracking invoices and how monies are allocated and reimbursed. No changes to current method, but looking to enhance process due to substantial amount of money being requested.
  • Frostbite 4 updates – Dawn Seeley
    • Waiting on All Sports Central for final amount raised and should get numbers in the next couple of weeks.
    • Frostbite 4 Committee is looking to purchase a Finish Line Truss. Cost $3500.  Potential use for multiple events.  Consideration of Booster Club partnering to purchase Truss.
  • Senior Night Hospitality
    • Adam suggested that Booster Club assist with Senior Nights by hosting Hospitality table vs Senior Parents having to do a potluck to be supportive of parents on this night.
    • Will consider working into plan for next year’s athletic events calendar.
  • March 14 Youth Basketball Tournament
    • Set up will be Friday night. Gross set up a Remind Group to communicate regarding that night and set up. 
      • Start time 3pm for those that can be there to help set up.
      • Prep Pulled Pork for sandwiches – will send out information on times on Remind.
      • Will also pick up buns and chips for the ‘meal deal’. Sandwich and chips for $5.
      • Carly will bring leftover tavern meat to have at elementary gym.
    • Brendyn will send out list of what needs to be set up.
    • Mike Limmer will pick up Donuts from Royal Bake Shop Saturday morning.
    • Currently 40 teams signed up. A few more open spots.
      • 16-minute running halves. Last 2 minutes of each ½ will stop.  If team ahead by >15 points will be a continual clock.
    • Could still use a few more refs for the day. Suggestions: Tracy St. Pierre, Senior Boys BB players, John Mochel.

Spring Banquet

  • Thursday, May 7th
    • Food/caterer—Central Catering. $9.75 per person. Will need final numbers for caterer by April 23rd
      • Tickets for parents/guests will go up to $13.00
    • Banquet Program—Carly updates
      • Working with Teresa on this. Front page, Football page, Boys Golf, Coach/Staff page done, Sponsor Page done
      • Will request information regarding team by March 27th for Winter Sports
      • Will need spring rosters by March 27th
      • Need President Letter from Brendyn for program
    • Booster Club Volunteer of the Year (Service Award)
      • Nominations – Received 4 names for nominations. Carly will create voting ballots for next meeting
    • Karen Carlson Scholarship—
      • Nominations – received 4 names for nominations for scholarship. This will be the last year of the scholarship.  Carly will create ballots for next meeting.
    • Top Dawg awards – need names from Mr. Gross. There are 8 of them this year.
      • Gross will help get Top Dawgs to be hosts for banquet
    • Senior recognition blankets
      • Carly will get Senior names to Tim Lawrence for blankets
    • National Guard stuff—Geoff
    • Invocation by student: Dayshon Adams – has agreed to do invocation
    • Photographer—Maas has been confirmed.
    • Other items
      • Cakes are ordered via Fiesta Foods
      • Need to order Gluten Free cupcakes
      • Carly will print invitations to send to parents for next meeting
        • Will need address labels printed from school office. Carly will work with Mr. Gross and Rhonda P on this

Next Meeting Dates:

April 8th

May 6th – do at the golf course as a meeting/set-up night

Motion to adjourn @ 9:19 by Adam Nelson.  Mike Lounsberry seconds.  No discussion.  Meeting Adjourned. 

Submitted by:

Carly Cordell, BABC Secretary