June 2024 Monthly Minutes


Current Board Members: Carrie Buum, Jeff Buum, John Christensen, Tim “Butch” Farley(absent), Megan Joseph, Scott Klungseth, Mike Lounsbery(absent), Jill Mockler, Adam Nelson, Randy Quartier(absent), Brendyn Richards, Dawn Seeley(absent), Michael Schurch and Ashley Sharpe.

Guest: Kayla Schurch (potential new Board Member)

Secretary Report: Megan Joseph. Jill made a motion to approve, seconded by Michael . No further discussion. Motion carried.

Treasurer Report: John Christensen. Jill made a motion to approve, seconded by Michael . No further discussion. Motion carried.

  • Intense Graphics-State qualifiers tshirts total cost $999.87, $523 for blankets, $585 credit for tournament tshirts. Booster Club doesn’t have to pay either invoice due to corporate sponsorship and the deal that was made with them.
  • Cami Rosheim owed $50 due to membership she purchased, and information wasn’t removed about receiving this $50 stipend. Jeff will get a check to her. Someone else also reached out to John about this same stipend and why they hadn’t received it.  
    • Information has been removed from website about the $50 stipend.

            Current Balance total: $69,540.79

            Checking Balance: $30,963.92

            Savings Balance: $38,576.87


                        Bills Paid:

  • Jill Mockler $364.49 (concessions)
  • Brendyn Richards $12.18 (Supplies)
  • Scholarships paid-Savannah Beeson $500, Landon Schurch $500
  • FDNB Card Services (shopify fees) $16.98
  • Maria’s Mexican Restaurant $1500 (banquet)
  • Panther Printing $1238.39 (Banquet Booklets)
  • Fiesta Foods $86.33
  • FDNB Card Services $876.32 (2 BBall Camps & Shopify Fees)
  • Beresford High School $5200 (Athletic Passes)
  • Theresa Sveeggen $292.05 (Tax Prep/Return)
  • The Bridges $213.00 (Room Rental)
  • Cami Rosheim $50 (Rozy reimbursement)



Old Business

  • Discussion on t-shirt ordering. We need to put a cap on cost of shirts for State Qualifiers, and find out exactly who is getting shirts and how many will be needed.
  • Athletic Banquet-feedback and discussion
    • Need to review certificates and make sure no athletes are missed. Lily Seivert has been missed 2 years in a row.
    • Jill reached out to Rachel in the HS office after the banquet, we need to let the office know what we are considering a sport so they are clear on who to print out certificates for.
    • Suggested that no comments from the coaches, to cut time.
    • 2 lines for the food needed next year.
    • Have a slideshow/video running in the background during the banquet.
    • Focus on just our awards (Top Dawg, Scholarships, Blankets)
    • Work on getting more students to show up. The lack of seniors was very noticeable.
    • Print pictures as the seasons go to make it easier at end of the year.
    • Need to collect rosters from the sports throughout the year. We can put into a spreadsheet and keep track of 3 sport athletes ourselves.
    • Promote Scholarship applications more next year.


  • Wins and Losses for previous school year
    • We need to look at how to run basketball tournaments once Brendyn is off the Board.
      • As of now he will continue to help, but is also willing to teach members as we go.


New Business

  • Thank and acknowledge exiting committee members-Dawn Seeley, Randy Quartier, Michael Lounsbery. Invite them to July meeting.
  • Explore options for new committee members- Kayla Schurch, James Neumayr, Krissy Kjose, Al/Krissy Mullinix. Look at list of Booster members and check that for potential Board members also.
  • Venmo? Need a person to run the account-unable to do as a business.
  • Look at taking credit cards during membership sign-up so members don’t have to go online.
  • Discuss creation of new sub-committees--rename comittees so we are all on the same page and know what expectations each will have.
  • We need to talk to school about a place to store our stuff, trying to keep everything in one place so we aren’t always hunting for everything.
  • We need to reach out to Tricia Bak and get info for inventory and ordering the homecoming swag, so we can be ahead for Homecoming.
  • Adam reached out to Troy, and he is still willing to run/help with Frostbite 4. He doesn’t want it to go away.
  • Carrie brought up purchasing our own ipad to use for signing up members, using google docs, running cards, etc.
    • Will help with having less checks, less opportunities for them to get lost (which has happened in the past)
    • Erik will look into the cost of an ipad and let us know.
  • Discuss committee member commitments and expectations for upcoming year-cut down to 3 comitees, with 5 members per committee.
  • Brendyn reached out to Owen and got potential dates for bball tournaments. Dec 14, 21, 28. Wrestlers gone 14, 21. Feb 22 (holiday weekend), March 1 (state wrestling), 15th (Girls State).
    • Big Sioux hasn’t released their schedule yet.
    • Ask Owen to hold Dec 14th, Feb 22, March 1st for potential dates.


Sub Committee Updates

  • Membership Committee:
  • Public Relations/Outreach:
  • Fundraising Events:
  • School Enrichment:



Other Business

  • Creating Checklists and task responsibilities as we proceed throughout the year. Access it during meetings. Divide and conquer approach.


Next meeting date: July 10, 2024 @ 6pm Bertz BeerGarden