January 2024 Monthly Meeting


Current Board Members: Carrie Buum, Jeff Buum, John Christensen, Tim “Butch” Farley, Megan Joseph, Scott Klungseth, Mike Lounsbery, Jill Mockler, Erik Nyhaug, Adam Nelson, Randy Quartier, Brendyn Richards, Dawn Seeley, Michael Schurch and Ashley Sharpe.


Secretary Report: Megan Joseph.  Michael S made a motion to approve, seconded by Scott . No further discussion. Motion carried.

Treasurer Report: John Christensen.  Michael S made a motion to approve, seconded by Erik . No further discussion, Motion carried.

  • Financial updates:BB tournament gross net/revenue: Profit of $8400 as of this date (still have some bills left to pay and then will have final numbers).
  • Budget: Left to pay $4000 to school since last time talking to Jared with Coaches requests.

            Current Balance total: $56,861.31

            Checking Balance: $18,392.11

            Savings Balance: $38,469.20


Bills Paid:

  • BHS Hall of Fame Banquet $1000.00
  • B&T BBQ Pork for tournament $270.14
  • John Christensen Pizza for tournament $80.39
  • Adam Nelson Pizza for tournament $47.17
  • Jill Mockler food/donuts/fruit/pizza for tournament $124.57
  • Brendyn Richards- trophy plates/supplies $571.94
  • Nathan Babb-Ref $60.00
  • Jaxon Flank-Ref $55.00
  • Ian Jordan-Ref $55.00
  • Max Knutson-Ref $55.00
  • FDNB CC Shopify Fees $16.98
  • Intense Graphics-Stipend $475.00
  • BHS Concessions $589.00
  • Hudl S. Rozy $5330.00
  • Dance-Camp/Bags $580.00
  • Girls BB bags $581.00
  • Golf- Range Finders (Boys and Girls) $929.97



Old/New Business

  • Donation conversation with Joe Markl-
    • He was ok with us sending him a message letting him know how we are using the funds. He trusts our decisions on how to use the money to best honor Kims memory.
    • Want to use the money in a way that her name will be embedded in the school, not as a scholarship where the funds will eventually run out.
    • John will put those funds in a separate account/spot, so we can keep track of where the funds are going.

Sub-committee updates

  • Membership committee: Jeff, Adam, Brendyn, Jill, John, Butch
    • Promote/encourage involvement from members
  • Publlic relations Outreach: Carrie, Dawn, Erik, Michael
    • Promote upcoming events
  • Fundraising events: Brendyn, Dawn, Ashley
    • Youth Basketball Tournament updates
    • Planning for next Tournament on March 2nd.
      • Brendyn already has 19 teams that have reached out and are interested.
      • Adam suggested to try getting more of our own kids to help with the refereeing to alleviate some of the cost of the refs that come from the university.
      • Need to track food what the refs are eating. Give them tickets or voucher.
      • Ask Caseys to cut the slices like they do for their warmers.
      • Different way to do pizza-suggested that we get from somewhere and bake them at the school.
      • Checklists for High School and Elementary schools
    • Frostbite 4
      • Volunteer sign up using SignUp Genius made by Dawn, she will send it out.
      • Stephanie Voss in charge of Mayors Mile, Dawn will check with her on having the Mascots there to run with them.
      • We need to take into account the Bball double header in the gym the night before.
      • Registration is on the low side, need to try and get more signed up.
      • Need someone for the National Anthem: reach out to choir teacher for recommendations.
      • Thoughts for organizer for 2025 and beyond.
    • School Enrichment: Adam, Scott, Mike, Randy


Other Business

  • Do we need to move March meeting up so we meet before next basketball tournament?
  • Discussed doing Coaches requests on a few different nights so it doesn’t get to be such a long meeting.
  • At next meeting we need to start discussing the banquet and figuring out what we want to all do for it. (Meal, Coaches interviews,book, etc.)
    • Email senior parents and ask for pictures for the book.
    • Discuss with Owen a potential date for the banquet.
    • Need to have a committee to organize

Next Meeting Date:  February 7th, 2024 @ 6:00 p.m.