January 2022 Monthly Board Meeting

Board Minutes
January 5, 2022
6:30 p.m. HS Library

Board Members Present: John Christensen, Butch Farley, Mary Heiberger, Scott Klungseth, Tim Lawrence, Mike Lounsbery, Jill Mockler, Adam Nelson, Brendyn Richards, Dawn Seeley, Mark VanOtterloo, Joe Bak (joined 7:30)

Board Members Absent:, Tricia Bak, Mary Hansen, Randy Quartier

Secretary Report – Scott motioned to approve, Mike 2nd, carried

Treasurer Report – John

            Current balance: $46,755.32. No outgoing checks this month.

  • Scholarship payments $1000 payments due to Limmer and Bogue. Mary motioned to approve, Dawn 2nd, carried.
  • Establishing Booster Club Credit Cards – John provided update. Can complete application for tiered business credit card with 1st Dakota Bank. Will get 2 cards with 2 different signers on card. John, as treasurer, would likely be one and Geoff could be other. Will pay off monthly. All charges must be approved through BABC prior to charge. Proposed limit of $5000 per month. Motion made by Butch for John to complete application and report back next month, 2nd by Adam, motion carried.

Guest speaker – Troy regarding Frost Bite 4 update (event on Feb. 12th): have most bus drivers lined up; may need a couple more; band cost too high; will just have playlist; shirts taken care of; Maximum promotion offered use of flags if choose; advertising sent to other schools; Prairie Farms donating chocolate milk; Scheels, Lululemon, Papa Murphy’s, and 605 Running donating $, prizes, gift cards; 50 runners currently registered, hoping for 400.

Will send out signup sheet for volunteer workers at end of January. Will need 10-15 for setup Fri night and 20-30 on Saturday. Will need BABC worker help.

Old Business

  1. Sub-committee updates (if any)
    • Membership Committee
      1. Database to track memberships – Brendyn update: Will give info to Boomerang on January 24th. Will bring summary of presentation to next meeting. Then board will need to reimburse school for activity cards at Feb meeting.
    • Public Relations/Outreach
      1. Hospitality Room – coverage & updates—Mike took date of Feb 4th for wrestling
        1. FYI- plates, napkins, etc in box in SE closet of gym. White tables in choir hallway far SW maintenance room on shelf on East wall. Extension cords can be found in maintenance closet across from concession stand. Will send out a group text with info.
      2. Event promotion – Facebook posts---make youth basketball tourney post for volunteer help signup. Will promote Frostbite 4.
    • Fundraising Events-no reports-will discuss later in meeting
  • School Enrichment-
    1. Discussion started on tracking spreadsheet on coaches’ requests
      1. Jill will create spreadsheet to track
    2. Share invoices and related documents in Google docs?
      1. Geoff will work on google docs/spreadsheet/form for coaches requests

 New Business

  1. Girls (Jan 15th) and Boys (Feb 19) Basketball Tournaments – updates: 28 teams currently signed up
    • Girls Event Volunteer sign-up – event coverage looking good, just a few more spots needed-Geoff will ask students for help at leadership meeting.
    • Assigning of any additional tasks: will need BABC member setup night before; get UnLeash backdrop; line up concessions-breakfast pizza, donuts, pizza. Will do Dakota Toms sandwiches, etc and reimburse for cost
    • Boys tourney currently has 17 teams signed up
  2. Start Athletic Banquet planning/discussions (event is May 5th)
    • Will start planning at next meeting
    • HS gymnasium decided on for venue

Motion to adjourn by Jill, 2nd by Mary, motion carried.  

Other Business

  1. Next Meeting Date: February 2nd