January 2021 Monthly Board Meeting

Board Meeting
January 13, 2021
6:30 p.m. Beresford High School Choir Room

Board Members Present: John Christensen, Carly Cordell, Butch Farley, Mary Heiberger, Scott Klungseth, Brendyn Richards, Dawn Seeley, Jill Mockler, Lisa Collins, Mary Hansen, Mike Lounsbery, Joe Bak, Adam Nelson, Tim Lawrence

Absent Members: Tricia Bak

Others Present: Geoff Gross (by phone)

Meeting called to order at 6:37pm by Brendyn Richards, President.

Secretary Report – Carly: Last meeting minutes emailed out.  Reviewed at meeting.  Discussed that the Athletic Banquet is incorrect.  The correct date that it is scheduled is May 6th.  John made a motion to approve report.  Tim L. seconds.  No discussion.  Minutes approved.  

Treasurer Report – John presented the treasurer’s report.

Current Balance: $58,090.15                                              Scholarship: $250.00

  • Bills paid since last meeting:
    • $293 was paid to Intense Graphics to reimburse for the 2nd round stipend of PRIDE membership coupons.
    • $10 was paid to Frieberg Law for the annual filing fee.
    • $132 was received from United Way

Carly made a motion to approve Treasurer’s Report.  Lisa seconds.  Scholarship discussion will be held in Old business. Report approved.

Old Business

  • Marketing Brochures
    • Tim L has completed the first draft. This will be emailed to Carly for editing prior to sending out to the full board.
    • Printing Plus is willing to assist with printing of the brochures. Once brochure finalized, Brendyn will reach out to Chuck again.
  • Capital Projects
    • Flagpole discussion: Mr. Gross indicated that no formal quotes were received as last month was a brainstorming meeting. It would be helpful to have decision on if BABC is willing to support project and in what manner to help with the planning.
      • Discussed that this could be a staged project that booster club budgets a set amount every year for a specific number of years to develop the project. Recommended that a committee/task group be created to discuss this project.
      • Brendyn will reach out to Jared Olsen to discuss options.
      • Committee members include: Adam, Mary Hansen, Scott, Brendyn and Dawn.
    • Scholarship Update
      • Received paperwork/proof of completion of the first semester of college from both 2019-20 scholarship recipients. No paperwork required for Karen Carlson scholarship.

Carly made a motion to approve payment of $1000 scholarship to both Brad Christensen and Jaycee Fischer, along with the $250 Karen Carlson Scholarship to Brandon Andrews.  Brendyn seconds.  No discussion.  All approve.  Motion approved.

  • Youth BB Tournament
    • Next tournament is scheduled for March 6. Have received 8 registrations and multiple calls recently.  This is currently still pending on if the event can be held at the school.  Gross indicated that is could be a few more weeks until they decide.  Other youth tournaments have been recently held.
      • Brendyn and Mr. Gross will reach out to those facilities that have recently held tournaments to determine what restrictions they may have had in place.
    • Frostbite 4
      • This was changed to a virtual race. The actual date is February 6th.  Link is available on FaceBook.  Carly will pin this to the top of the page.
        • Please share on FB to help with awareness!
      • Gross will send out link through school and request to place on school website.

New Business

  • Athletic Banquet
    • This is currently scheduled for May 6th. Bridges is reserved in exchange for sponsorship.  It is yet to be determined if this is going to be able to be held.
      • Depending on pandemic status, we may have to consider an alternative location.
    • Program – Athletic program is in progress. Two fall sports pages completed. 
    • Catering options – Lisa Collins will look into catering options regarding individual packed meals.
  • Frostbite
    • Update given by Dawn Seeley. Committee has been meeting and they are working on a virtual option.  Discussed alternative location of the Bridges, but difficult to safely social distance.  Considering a drive-thru option for picking up shirts/goodies.  Goal is to have a decision made early this month.
  • Fundraising
    • Since basketball tournaments have been cancelled due to pandemic, other fundraising events were discussed. Consideration for the fundraising committee to discuss.
      • Golf Tournament/Dual with Beresford vs Vermillion or Elk Point.
      • Softball tournament
      • Triathlon: Example would be Trap shooting, cornhole, and dart tournament
      • 3 on 3 outside basketball tournament.
    • Committee Members include: Adam Nelson, Mary Hansen, Scott Klungseth, Brendyn and Dawn
  • State Youth Baseball tournament
    • Scott Klungseth indicated that Beresford has been choosen to be the host site for the Youth State Baseball tournament. It is to be held July 7-9, 2021. 
      • BABC to consider advertising/supporting this event in some way. Will table for now.
    • Committee Re-structuring/re-implementation plan
      • To facilitate efficiency in booster club initiatives, it has been discussed to re-implement committees to ensure projects are moving forward. Recommend to have 3-4 people to review and recommend revised structure at February meeting.
      • Carly, Mary Heiberger and Lisa Collins are willing to meet and discuss. Carly will send out a few dates to determine meeting time.

Scott made a motion to adjourn at 7:31 pm.  John seconds.  No discussion.  Adjournment.

Next Meeting Date:

  • February 10, 2021 @ high school library 

Respectfully submitted,

Carly Farner-Cordell, BABC Secretary