January 2020 Monthly Board Meeting

Board Meeting Minutes
January 8, 2020
7:00 p.m. at the High School Library

Board Members Present: Brendyn Richards, Jill Mockler, John Christensen, Carly Cordell, Chet Borah, Scott Klungseth, Mike Lounsbery, Adam Nelson, Dawn Seeley

Absent Board Members: Tricia Beeson, Lisa Collins, Butch Farley, Tim Lawrence, Mike Limmer, Michelle Weatherton

Secretary Report – Minutes were reviewed from December meeting.  Jill made a motion to approve minutes as written.  Mike Lounsberry seconds.  No discussion.  Minutes approved.

Treasurer Report – John C. presented the treasurers report. 

Current Balance: $41, 922.33                             Scholarship Account: $495.00

  • Payment for 2018-19 scholarship recipients still need to be paid totaling = $4750.
  • Charges at Fiesta Foods in the amount of $191.22 needs to be paid. These expenses have come from Hospitality tables.
  • Had a late watchdog membership come in = $20
  • Youth Basketball Tournament fundraiser brought in $3151 after expenses
    • Expenses included: $1930 refs, $520 concessions, $350 trophies

Jill makes a motion to approve treasurer’s report.  Brendyn seconds.  No discussion. Treasurer’s report approved.

Old Business

  • Amazon Smiles Program – Dawn reported that there is currently no cumulative amount at this time. She will receive a report in February. 
    • Board members present requested she resend out the instructions via email to this group.
  • Fall sports pictures due now (for spring banquet program) – Carly is requesting that the fall sports pictures be turned in so she can get them to Teresa to begin assembling the Banquet Program. Request is for at least one picture of each athlete.  Focus on Varsity and Junior Varsity.
    • Boys Golf: Scott reported he does not have a jump drive, but will email pictures by the end of the week.
    • VB: Dawn brought the VB pictures.
    • Football: John is working on the FB pictures. Will deliver to Carly by the end of the week
    • Cross Country: Carly has these completed
  • Winter sports pictures (for spring banquet program)—Carly
    • Wrestling: Rachelle Borah already has the jump drive for wrestling
    • GBB: Dawn will get the jump drive back once Carly transfers pictures to Master Jump Drive
    • BBB: Brendyn will receive the jump drive from Carly after she gets the football pictures from John.
  • December Youth Basketball Tourney Recap
    • 26 teams (24 girls/2 boys)
    • Gross/net dollars raised – See above in Treasurers report
  • Basketball Record Boards: Geoff absent. No update at this time.
  • Marketing Brochure update: Tim L. Requesting that he receives the PowerPoint from the Fall Kickoff meeting that we presented to assist with putting together brochure draft.
    • Check with Mr. Gross to send or Brendyn will check emails to see if they can forward to Tim L.

New Business

  • School Updates from Geoff Gross: no updates available
  • Scholarships—Carly, Mike, Brendyn
    • Revisions: Adam, Carly and John met to review application for scholarships. Discussed recommendations and board members present agreed on the following:
      • Limit scholarships to 6
      • Increase amount $500
      • Added clarification statement on when funds will be dispersed
      • Added commitment to off-season training
      • Added requirement of a “Letter of Recommendation” from a high school coach to accompany application
      • Increased minimum GPA to 2.8
      • Future requirement – participation in Summer Rozy
      • Find outside group to help in determination of recipients.
    • Future of the scholarship program: Concern brought up regarding continuation of scholarships. Will need to consider in the future and base on cash flow basis if they will continue to be available, monies may be better spent elsewhere within the sports programs.
  • Booster Club Board of Directors—planning for the future—terms—Brendyn
    • Recommendation for survey to be sent out and spreadsheet created to help track
    • By-Law updates need to be completed. Executive board to meet to finalize before next general membership meeting.
  • March 14th Youth Basketball Tourney
    • 6 teams to date entered (sent out another 17 registration forms)

Future Events:

  • , Jan. 17th –BBB/GBB vs. Tri-Valley—
    • Hospitality Area—Dawn and Tricia “taco bar”
    • Executive Sponsor—Sioux Corporation
    • Theme Night— “FB4”
  • , Jan. 23rd—Wrestling—
    • Hospitality Area: Tim Lawrence, Chet Borah and Mike Lounsberry will work together on this
    • Executive Sponsor—no one committed
    • Theme Night— Senior night
  • , Feb 7th—BBB/GBB vs. Alcester-Hudson
    • Hospitality Area: Scott Klungseth will take lead on this game.
    • Executive Sponsor—Precision Lawncare
    • Theme Night— Local Businesses
  • , Feb 14th—BBB/GBB vs. EPJ
    • Hospitality Area: Jill Mockler will take lead at this game.
    • Executive Sponsor—Bertz
    • Theme Night— Veterans
  • , Feb 25th—BBB/GBB vs. Wagner
    • Hospitality Area: Will not have one this night due to Senior Night
    • Executive Sponsor—First Dakota Bank
    • Theme Night— Senior Night
  • Spring Banquet – Date is May 7th. Will set up the night before.  Location: Bridges
    • Would like recommendations on catering companies so we can start to get prices. Would like to keep plate price below $10.  Last year’s was around $9.30.
      • Sneakies in Sioux City: Brendyn will contact
      • Tony’s in Brandon: Jill will contact
      • Lance’s Catering: Carly will contact (Mike Limmer notified after meeting of this option)

Next Meeting Dates:

  1. February 5th
  2. March 4th
  3. April 8th

 Adjournment: Carly made a motion to adjourn at 8:35pm.  Jill seconds.  No discussion.  Motion approved.

Respectfully submitted, 

Carly Cordell
BABC Secretary