February 2021 Monthly Board Meeting

Board Meeting
February 10, 2021
6:30 p.m. Bertz Backroom

Board Members Present: John Christensen, Carly Cordell, Butch Farley, Mary Heiberger, Scott Klungseth, Brendyn Richards, Dawn Seeley, Jill Mockler, Mary Hansen, Mike Lounsbery, Joe Bak, Tricia Bak, Tim Lawrence

Absent Members: Lisa Collins and Adam Nelson

Others Present: Geoff Gross and Troy Boone

Meeting called to order at 6:33pm by Brendyn Richards, President.

Secretary Report – Carly: Last meeting minutes emailed out.  Reviewed at meeting.  Jill made a motion to approve report.  John seconds.  No discussion.  Minutes approved.  

Treasurer Report – John presented the treasurer’s report.

Current Balance: $55,936.39                                              Scholarship: $0.00 Closed

  • Payments since last meeting:
    • All scholarships are paid. Scholarship account is now closed.
    • 9 teams registered online for the March 6 basketball tournament have been reimbursed. Lost approximately $40 in spotify fees through online registration.
  • Year-end filing: Teresa Sveeggen has agreed to complete the year end filing of the BABC. John will work with her to get this done.

Dawn made a motion to approve Treasurer’s Report.  Tim L. seconds.  No discussion. Report approved.

Old Business

  • ByLaws have been signed and delivered to Tom Frieberg to be filed.
  • Marketing Brochures
    • Tim L has completed the first draft. This was emailed to Carly and Brendyn.  Recommendations for editing were provided.  Tim will send out to full board once edits are done for final approval.
    • Printing Plus is willing to assist with printing of the brochures as part of sponsorship.
  • Capital Projects
    • Flagpole discussion: Brendyn discussed this with Jared at school. Willing to partner and start the initial planning.
  • Youth BB Tournament
    • March 6th tournament is cancelled due to COVID19.
  • Frostbite 4
    • This was changed to a virtual race. Troy Boone and Dawn Seeley discussed event this year.  Approximately 140 registered runners.  No major expenses for race this year and will be able to provide the booster club with some type of donation.
    • Troy indicated that there are some 2020 shirts/sweatshirts remaining. Offered to donate to BABC to sell at low price and keep.  Dawn will help organize this at the next home basketball game.
  • Partnership opportunity:
    • Sue Christianson approached Troy to see if he would like to take over the annual Duathlon. Event is usually held in June and is a 5K run, 18-mile bike route, 5K run.  Can also do this as a relay.  Sue would like to see this stay local.
    • Discussed the possibility of promoting event to other schools in Beresford Conference to promote health and fitness throughout the summer months.
    • BABC Board expressed interest in partnering with this event. Brendyn and Dawn will meet with Sue and Troy to gain more information.

New Business

  • Athletic Banquet
    • Program – Athletic program is in progress.
      • Western Printing merged with Panther. Randy Lesnar is the contact.  Carly will work with them when booklet complete.
      • Will need assistance getting pictures during first couple of track meets for pages. Please ask family members to send photos of senior track athletes.
    • Catering options – Lisa Collins absent. Will discuss at next meeting.
  • Fundraising
    • See information above regarding Duathlon.
    • Committee Members include: Adam Nelson, Mary Hansen, Scott Klungseth, Brendyn and Dawn
  • Committee Re-structuring/re-implementation plan
    • Group unable to meet since last meeting. Will meet before next meeting.
  • School Updates
    • School has partnered with BSN company to get team uniforms. They are working on a 4-year contract.  In the contract will include them to agree to annual Executive sponsorship.  Gross will keep us posted as other potential benefits could come from this company.
    • $10,000 for flag pole project at school stadium was discussed. Booster club is in support of this project.
  • School and Coach Requests for 2021-22
    • All sport requests: Neptune $1600, Summer Rozy $3000, In Season Rozy $3000, HUDL $3000
    • Preliminary Individual Sport Requests:
      • $1500 BBB for camps
      • $1000 Boys Golf to play Region and State sites and take to Great Shots year end celebration
      • $2000 Cheer Camp request
      • $2000 Cross Country for summer outing
      • $2000 Football summer camps
      • $2000 GBB summer camps
      • $2000 Volleyball summer camps
      • $2000 Wrestling summer camps
      • $400 Girls Golf to play at Region and State sites
    • Total amount of requests including Flag Pole = $35,500
    • No requests approved tonight. Will evaluate at next meeting.

 Jill made a motion to adjourn at 7:31 pm.  Mary Heiberger seconds.  No discussion.  Adjournment.

Next Meeting Date:

  • March 10, 2021 @ Bertz Backroom 

Respectfully submitted,

Carly Farner-Cordell, BABC Secretary