February 2020 Monthly Board Meeting

Board Meeting Minutes
February 5, 2020
7:00 p.m. at the High School Library

Board Members Present: Brendyn Richards, Jill Mockler, Carly Cordell, Tim Lawrence, Adam Nelson, Mike Lounsberry, Tricia Beeson, Butch Farley, Lisa Collins, Dawn Seeley, Chet Borah, Scott Klungseth

Absent Board Members: Mike Limmer, John Christensen, Michelle Weatherton,

Others Present: Geoff Gross

Called meeting to order 1902 by president, Brendyn Richards.

Secretary Report – Minutes were reviewed from January meeting. 

Treasurer Report – Treasurers report was presented by Brendyn.

Current Balance: $37,581.11                  Scholarship Account: $495.00

  • Received the following checks from fundraisers that were deposited:
    • $480.23 Intense Graphics winter store credit
    • $75.58 Intense Graphics Rozy fundraiser strength and conditioning apparel
    • $300 from First Savings Bank and $300 Bogue Inc for sponsorship assisted with cost of White-Out Night T-Shirts
  • Payments needing approval:
    • $164.63 Fiesta foods for hospitality table
  • Scholarships have all been paid.
  • Money in to date: $38,516.28 Money out: $52,824.36
    • Upcoming money in from youth basketball tournament and tentatively Frostbite 4.

Motion to approve secretary and treasurer’s report was made by Jill.  Butch seconds.  No discussion.  Motion approved.

Old Business

  • Scholarships:
    • Scholarship committee met again. Decision came to a vote to offer 2 Scholarships (1 girl; 1 boy) in the amount of $1000 scholarship.  Criteria was updated.
      • Scoring Rubric will be created.
      • Partner with neighboring school district booster club to assist in scholarship selection.
      • GPA will be changed to 2.5 and will be placed in rubric for scoring.
    • Future of scholarship was discussed:
      • Talked about discussing other methods of raising funds for scholarship. 50/50, other business sponsorships to help support.
      • Discussion about whether to keep or stop the scholarship. Ideas that money could help support youth athletes to enhance future programs.
    • Scholarship eligibility is listed as a Booster Club member benefit for 2019-20; therefore, scholarship cannot be removed this year.
    • Currently 31 seniors out for sports.

Tim Lawrence made a motion to approve changes recommended by scholarship committee to 2 scholarships @ $1000 each.  GPA will be set at 2.5.  Rubric will be created for scoring by scholarship committee.  Mike Lounsberry seconds motion.  11 approved motion, 1 opposed. Motion carried.

  • Bylaws: Executive Board needs to meet and update bylaws. Brendyn will arrange meeting.
    • Carly will send out drafted bylaws.
  • Marketing brochure: information was provided to Tim Lawrence. Will create a draft and bring to the next meeting.  Purpose of brochure is to inform parents how the booster club supports athletic programming within the school district.
  • March 14th Basketball tournament:
    • 31 teams so far on March 14th. Boys only.
    • Will need help to set up Friday night. Brendyn will not be available for Friday set up.
      • Brendyn will provide information on what needs set up.
    • Brendyn will be sending out volunteers list by email.

New Business

  • School Updates from Geoff Gross:
    • School is looking at different school picture companies. One company they are considering prints picture banners.  Inquired if booster club would consider helping pay for banners instead of senior blankets.  These banners would be hung all year long in the school.  Cost = $50-80 each banner.
    • HUDL cost $3000 this year and school paid $4500
      • Next year is going to have another generation and that will come with package increasing total cost to $8700 with new hardware
        • May be looking for more assistance with this extra cost
      • Frostbite 4 was last Saturday. Frostbite 4 Committee is looking to buy a finish line truss = $3500
        • Potential usage at Frostbite 4, Cross Country meets, track meets, golf meets can be used to put up signage. It is a finish line, but could be used for many things.
      • School is looking into Touch Pros – record board/message board that is touch screen and displays school records.
        • May ask for some assistance from Booster Club on this. Looking to have done by next fall
        • Looking at 55-inch system - $9300
          • $7300 screen and $2000 for subscription for 5 years.
        • Wrestling account is negative $69.00; Asking for $200
        • Volleyball is $106 negative; asking for $300 to get back in red
      • Received coach’s requests for Wrestling $200 and for Volleyball $300 from Mr. Gross. Board discussed bringing accounts back to zero since coach requests are coming in this spring and they are fall sports. 

Chet made a motion to approve paying $69.32 for Wrestling and Volleyball $106.10 to bring accounts to zero.  Adam seconds.  No discussion.  All approve.  Motion carried. 

  • Board of Directors:
    • For future planning of board, looking to determine remaining term limits of existing board members.  Carly will bring list next month.

Future Booster Club Events:

  • , Feb 7th—BBB/GBB vs. Alcester-Hudson
    • Hospitality Area: Lions Club Soup will be cancelled.
      • Klungseth’s have already purchased food. Will get to Jill.  Will donate veggie tray to Lions.
    • Executive Sponsor—Precision Lawncare
    • Theme Night— Local Businesses
  • , Feb 14th—BBB/GBB vs. EPJ – Will also be Ag Night
    • Hospitality Area: Jill Mockler will take lead at this game.
    • Executive Sponsor—Bertz
    • Theme Night— Veterans
  • , Feb 25th—BBB/GBB vs. Wagner
    • Hospitality Area: Will not have one this night due to Senior Night
    • Executive Sponsor—First Dakota Bank
    • Theme Night— Senior Night

Spring Banquet – Date is May 7th.  Will set up the night before.  Location: Bridges

  • Top dawgs there will be 8 this year.
  • Banquet Program: Carly meeting with Teresa to learn how to utilize template and get access.
  • Senior Blankets: Discussion if this is something that we want to continue.
  • Jill, Lisa and Carly will meet about the caterer
    • Prices from Sneaky’s, Tony’s, Central Catering and Lance’s Catering
    • Board approved above subcommittee to make decision of caterer and to keep price per plate under $10.
    • Cost of parent/guardian/guest ticket will be set at $13.00
  • Geoff will assist with the following:
    • Look for pictures of “Warriors of the Month” for National Guard.
    • Ask Dayshon Adams to assist with Invocation
    • Talk with Maas Photography to take pictures at Banquet.
  • Board Members please bring recommendations for the following recognitions:
    • Nominations for Booster Club Volunteer of Year
    • Karen Carlson Scholarship (2 years left)

Next Meeting Dates:

  1. March 4th
  2. April 8th 

Adjournment: Carly made a motion to adjourn at 2105.  Adam seconds.  No discussion.  Motion approved. 

Respectfully submitted,

Carly Cordell
BABC Secretary