December 2020 Monthly Board Meeting

Board Meeting
December 2, 2020
6:30 p.m. High School Library

Board Members Present: John Christensen, Carly Cordell, Butch Farley, Mary Heiberger, Scott Klungseth, Brendyn Richards, Dawn Seeley, and Jill Mockler

Absent Members: Lisa Collins, Mary Hansen, Mike Lounsbery, Joe Bak, Tricia Bak, Adam Nelson, Tim Lawrence

Others Present: Geoff Gross, Mark Pederson (Maximum Promotions)

Meeting called to order at 6:40pm by Brendyn Richards, President.

Secretary Report – Carly: Last meeting minutes emailed out.  Reviewed at meeting.  John made a motion to approve as written.  Jill seconds.  No discussion.  Minutes approved.  

Treasurer Report – John presented the treasurer’s report.

Current Balance: $58,033.72                                              Scholarship: $250.00

  • All receipts requested from the school have been received
  • Refunds for Youth BB Tournament were made in the amount of $1620. There was a loss of approximately $42 due to Spotify charges.
  • Bills paid since last meeting:
    • $67.37 Reimbursed Matt Coy for XC Season End
    • $770.19 was paid for Girls BB Shooting shirts. Purchase of these were approved by email.
    • $83.00 was paid to the US Post office for rental of PO Box, key deposit and stamps
      • Beresford Athletic Booster Club now has an address: PO Box 94, Beresford, SD 57004

Scott made a motion to approve Treasurer’s Report.  Butch seconds.  No further discussion.  Motion passes.

Old Business

  • Bylaws approval
    • Final revision of Restated ByLaws were reviewed. Changes were made from last meeting.  Quorum wording added per Frieberg Law.  No further revision requested.

Carly made a motion to approve Restated ByLaws with approved edits from last meeting.  Jill seconds.  No further discussion.  ByLaws approved.  Carly will email Frieberg and request website be updated.  Motion passed.

  • Marketing Brochures
    • Tim is still working on. He was not able to attend tonight’s meeting
  • Capital Projects
    • Football Field/Track: Maximum Promotions, Mark Pederson, was present at the meeting to discuss possible flag pole enhancements at the football/track field. Discussion around placing pole at North End of the field.  Cost range from $500 (telescoping pole) to $10,000 - $12,000 for 30-40 ft flag pole.  Different ideas were discussed from a single pole to multiple.  No decisions were made.  Would be nice to have decision and plan to have project completed by August 2021 if club decides to support.
    • Fencing/sidewalk project is also in the works for in the future by the school
  • 2020-21 Membership Drive
    • Membership list was sent to Teresa to update website and state “as of November 15th” on November 18th.
      • New Board picture was taken also taken.
    • Membership Update: Business Sponsors 8 Executive, 2 Platinum, 6 Gold, 4 Silver
      • Individual Memberships: 27 Pride (54 members), 14 Purple and 32 Watchdog
        • This is down approximately 100 members this year (COVID)
      • Scholarship Update: Scholarship committee met on Tuesday, November 17th. Clarifications made to Rubric.  Focus is on individual academics and sport achievements.  Due date for applications was set for April 1, 2021. 
        • Application was emailed to Shellie Pratt at high school to be communicated to Seniors.
        • Recommendation to review “All-Star” award option to see if still valid. Many of these events have been replaced by club sports.
      • Youth BB Tournament
        • Next tournament is scheduled for March 6. Have received 6 registrations already.  Would like to consider making it a Sat/Sun tournament and possibly a few local teams on Friday depending on where Regions will be hosted.  Brendyn will work with Geoff on this.
      • Committee Structure
        • Will discuss in January.

New Business

  • School Updates from Geoff Gross
  • Athletic Banquet
    • This is currently scheduled for May 7th. Discussed location options and challenge of not knowing if we can hold in person.  Consider outside option or Bridges.
      • Carly will contact Bridges to reserve room for evening of May 6 (for set up) and May 7th for event.
    • Liaison Update: Reviewed Winter sport liaisons.
      • Wrestling: Mike/Amanda Lounsbery, Bridget Twedt, Shana Jensen
      • BBB: Charlotte Shegurd, Brendyn Richards, Michelle Klungseth
      • GBB: Jill Mockler. Brendyn Richards and Jill will recruit others
    • First Home BB Game
      • Plan for Black out at first home BB game on December 17th.
      • Brendyn will check with Tim on the status of the Black Out shirts.
    • Frostbite
      • Update given by Dawn Seeley. Committee has been meeting and they are working on a virtual option.  Discussed alternative location of the Bridges, but difficult to safely social distance.  Considering a drive-thru option for picking up shirts/goodies.  Goal is to have a decision made early this month.
    • Fundraising
      • Since basketball tournaments have been cancelled due to pandemic, other fundraising events were discussed. Consideration for the fundraising committee to discuss.
        • Golf Tournament/Dual with Beresford vs Vermillion or Elk Point.
        • Softball tournament
        • Triathlon: Example would be Trap shooting, cornhole, and dart tournament

Scott made a motion to adjourn at 8:06 pm.  Dawn seconds.  No discussion.  Adjournment.

Next Meeting Date:

  • January 6, 2021 @ high school library 

Respectfully submitted,

Carly Farner-Cordell, BABC Secretary