December 2019 Monthly Board Meeting

Board Meeting Minutes
December 4, 2019
7:00 p.m. at the High School Library


Board Members Present: Brendyn Richards, John Christensen, Carly Cordell, Tricia Bak, Chet Borah, Lisa Collins, Butch Farley, Scott Klungseth, Mike Limmer, Adam Nelson, & Dawn Seeley

Board Members Absent: Michelle Weatherton, Tim Lawrence, Jill Mockler, Mike Lounsberry

Others Present: Geoff Gross on phone

Secretary Report – Carly reviewed notes from last minutes.  Discussed corrected total of $2550 that has been paid to school for Rozy.  No other discussion.  Mike Limmer made a motion to approve minutes.  John seconds.  No further discussion.  Minutes approved.

Treasurer Report – John reported the following:

Current Balance: $49,289.57                                  Scholarship account: $495.00

  • Payments made since last meeting: $3500.00 was paid to school to be applied to Rozy. Remaining balance: $2950.
  • Pending payments awaiting approval: $693.61 to Intense Graphics for Youth BB T-Shirts; $172.09 to Thrive Nutrition; $350.39 for Trophies for BB Tournament; $77.35 to Centerville Bakery for Zebra Donuts for BB Tournament

Mike made a motion to approve pending payments listed.  John C. seconds.  No discussion.  Motion approved.

  • Discussion of remainder balance of Rozy and upcoming financial commitments.
    • Remaining balance of Rozy is $2950 of $9000 commitment.
    • Membership drive complete. 146 total activity passes were purchased.  School needs to be paid for activity passes.  85 activity passes were purchased online.  There is a 3% fee when purchased online.  Will deduct online fee from total amount.
      • $40 per pass x 146 passes = $5840
      • $40 per pass x 85 = $3400 x 0.03 = $102 (online fees)
      • $5840 – 102 = $5738 owed to school
    • 2018-19 Senior Scholarships need to be paid in January. There were 19 scholarships awarded at $250 each.  Total amount = $4750
      • Sub committee will need to meet to review application and selection criteria.

Scott made a motion to approve payment of $2950 for remaining balance of Rozy, $5728 to school for activity passes, and $250 scholarships for qualifying seniors up to the total of $4750.  Tricia seconds.  No further discussion.  Motion approved.

Old Business

  • Amazon Smiles Program—updates—Dawn Seeley
    • Account has been created. There are currently 7 supporting and 25 purchases.  Will had out flyers at home BB Game.
  • Sports pictures (for spring banquet program)—Carly Cordell
    • Requests that fall sports are completed and J: Drives given back by December 30th so pictures can be sent to Teresa.
      • Boys Golf – Scott, VB – Dawn, XC – Carly, FB – John
    • Winter Sports to receive J: Drives next:
      • Wrestling - Rachelle Borah, GBB – Dawn, BBB – Brendyn
    • Lobby Boards—Boards are ordered—arrive by early next week and school will hang
    • Basketball Record Boards—Recommend that the school take the lead on this and bring suggestions if this is something they are considering.
    • Online Webstore—Tim Lawrence—Update
      • Winter Apparel/Christmas orders—121 items. We raised $480 with these orders!!
      • Whiteout—51 orders of 115 total t-shirts. Facebook LIVE Event this week!  Would like 4-5 students to help with event.
        • Consider a WHITE OUT at the Beresford Wrestling match on January 23rd.
      • Membership Subcommittee—Mike Limmer and Brendyn
        • Do we split for Indiv. and Corp.? Form committee(s)? TABLED
      • Marketing Brochure—Tim L. update – In progress

New Business

  • School Updates from Geoff Gross – None
  • Business Breakfast recap – This went well. DeVries demonstrated HUDL and felt it was good to share.
  • Bridges Sponsorship—Carly was able to secure a Platinum Sponsorship with the Bridges. Sponsorship agreement is in trade for facility use.  Approved for the following:
    • 2019 Fall Morning Mingle
    • 2020 Evening Social – need to work with available room dates
    • 2020 Athletic Banquet – May 6th for set up and May 7th evening
  • Youth Basketball Tourney this Saturday
    • 26 teams that consist of 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th---girls and 7th—boys.
      • Set up Friday Night. Please be there by 6:15pm
      • John will bring start up cash. Scott will bring Ref Shirts
      • 72 volunteers signed up so far.
      • Community Concert on Sunday: we need a clean-up crew Saturday night and to help the set-up for the Sunday concert
      • Concessions: 65 donuts from Centerville
    • School (Geoff) has hot dogs, (4) breakfast pizzas and (4) pizzas preordered. Will have regular concession stand items.
    • 10 signups for bake sale items
    • Future Events:
      • 13th—BBB/GBB home opener vs. Baltic— Hospitality Room –Brendyn

(w/ Tjaden’s and Orr’s) Nacho and taco bar, etc.

  • Theme Night: “Whiteout”
  • Tues, Dec. 17th—BBB/GBB vs. DV—Mike Limmer – Pulled Pork Sandwiches
    • Theme Night: “Ag Appreciation”
  • , Jan. 4th—BBB/GBB vs. Parker—Carly
    • Theme Night: “Firefighter/Police”
      • Chet will let Tarz know at next meeting.
    • , Jan. 17th –BBB/GBB vs. Tri-Valley— Dawn and Tricia – Taco Bar
      • Theme Night: “FB4”
    • Youth Basketball Tourney dates:
      • Boys: March 14th
      • Currently have 11-12 teams signed up
  • Executive Sponsors
    • December 13th sponsor is Intense Graphics
    • January 4th sponsor is First Savings Bank
    • January 17th sponsor is Sioux Corporation
    • February 7th sponsor is Precision Lawncare
    • February 25th sponsor is First Dakota
    • Pending dates/events: Fiesta Foods, Bertz, and Web Designs
  • Little Watchdog Youth Basketball Clinic:
    • Saturday, December 14th: 9:30-10:30 am
      • T-shirts paid by two sponsors: Bogue Inc verified and First savings is pending
      • Students will be recognized at the Dakota Valley doubleheader on December 17th
      • Signed up as of Dec. 4th: 31 (sent out 12/2)
    • End of Year Athletic Banquet
      • Thursday, May 7th
      • Location secured
      • Keynote speaker option was discussed. Potential speaker could be Adam Timmerman.  Other options to have a speaker were at an evening social, special event, or Fall Athletic Kick off meeting.  Will continue to consider.  No decision made at this time.

 Next Meeting Date: January 8, 2020 @ 7:00pm

Adjournment: Carly made a motion to adjourn at 8:46pm.  Scott seconds.  No discussion.  Motion approved. 

Respectfully submitted,

Carly Cordell, BABC Secretary

Committees (2019-2020) UPDATED) Still have need of a Social/Spirit committee member

  • Information Technology/Marketing: Carly, Lisa, Michelle
  • Frostbite: Dawn
  • Membership: Mike Limmer, Jill, Brendyn, John
  • Fundraising: Brendyn, Tim
  • Enhanced Sports Programming: Scott, Chet, Mike Lounsbery, Lisa, Butch
  • Social/Spirit: Tricia, Michelle, vacant
  • Recognition/Scholarships: Carly, John, Adam