April 2022 Monthly Board Meeting

Board Meeting minutes
April 13, 2022
6:30 p.m. HS Library

Current Board Members: Dr, Joe Bak, Tricia Bak, John Christensen, Butch Farley, Mary Hansen, Mary Heiberger, Scott Klungseth, Tim Lawrence, Mike Lounsbery, Jill Mockler, Adam Nelson, Brendyn Richards, Dawn Seeley, Randy Quartier, Mark Van Otterloo

Absent: Brendyn Richards

Guest: Mr. Gross, High School Coaches: Hilary Paulson (Girls Basketball), Amy Farley (cheer/dance) Lynsey Andal (cheer/dance), Rob Wilson (Girls Volleyball), Scott Ebert via phone (Football, Girls Track), Brandon Chesnut (Wrestling), Ben Short (Boy Basketball), Brad Muller (Girls Golf)

Secretary Report – Mary H.

Correction to Booster Club Boys basketball tournament net amount: 8,447.71

No additional updates. Mary Heiberger made motion to approve, Adam second. No further discussion. Motion carried

Treasurer Report – John

Current balance: $54,030.62

Bills to be paid: $179.72: Intense graphics: State Wrestling Qualifiers T-shirts

  • Savings or money market account for excess funds and fraud protection: John to reactivate or open new savings account at First Dakota. All current funds in checking account except for $10,000 to be transferred into Booster Club Savings account.  John is only allowed to transfer funds to and from checking/savings account for Booster club. 
  • Butch made motion to approve, Mike second. No further discussion. Motion carried

  • Old Business

    1. Sub-committee updates (if any)
    • Membership Committee: Brendyn, Jill, John, Joe, Butch: no updates
    • Public Relations/Outreach: Mary Heiberger, Mike Lounsbery: no updates
    • Fundraising Events: Mary Hansen, Dawn Seeley, Tim Lawrence, Brendyn Richards
    1. Duathlon discussion – any updates. Due to conflict with Jack Lawrence Baseball tournament, the Booster Club is not interested in taking over responsibility of Duathlon. Dawn to possible mention event opportunity to PRCE running club or Cross Country team
    2. Frost Bite: Dawn- once total funds are tallied a check will be presented at a possible home track meet. This will help with promoting winter event to possible new participants
    • School Enrichment: Mary Hansen, Adam, Scott, Dawn, Tricia, Randy, John
    1. Share invoices and related documents in Google docs – progress update? – Geoff: sent email to Booster club officers. 
    2. Mr. Gross asked for the following Coaches requests to be approved tonight:
      1. Neptune: $1,600.00 (10% saving if paid early)  
      2. Summer Coach Rozy: $5,000.00  ($50 per athlete)
      3. Dr. Dish shooting gun: Girls/Boys Basketball: $3,500 Booster club/$3,500 School 

    Tim made motion to approve, Mary Heiberger second. No further discussion. Motion carried

    1. Committee to meet on 4/20/22 to approve coaches request and present to board at next meeting
    • Tournament committee: Brendyn, Adam, Randy, Scott: no updates

    New Business

    1. Coaches Requests – Coach presentations
    2. Geoff Gross – School items 
    • Softball tournaments: 2023: Beresford would like to host a couple home tournaments with tentative dates: 4/1/23 and 4/29/23.  
    • Need track meet workers for April 19th and May 3rd: Mr. Gross sent out email for volunteers for the BAH Track Meet/Mike Sievert Relays. 
    • Watchdog leadership council: consist of HS student athletes who can assist at home track meets/set-up/tear down athletic banquet. 
  • Receive submitted Scholarship applications from Geoff – Set up review/selection committee: Adam, John, Mark and Mary Heiberger to meet and review 7 scholarship applicants’, winners to be recognized at Athletic Recognition night on May 5th.  
  • Update from Athletic Banquet planning. Event is May 5th
    • Formalize Top Dawg Award criteria: Booster Board to set criteria moving forward during summer meeting. 
    • Consider changing name of Athletic Banquet, since me are no longer serving a meal? Any name suggestions?? Name to be changed to Athletic Recognition night
    • Banquet presenters
      • Presenting Senior blankets: Mary Hansen and Mary Heiberger
      • Scholarship winners recognition: Adam

    Other Business

    • Next Meeting Date:  May 4th
    1. Set up for recognition night, meet in Library before set-up at 6:00 p.m.
  • Board picture at Athletic Recognition Night: wear black pullovers
  • Next meeting: Athletic passes need to be paid to HS: Brendyn. 

  • Motion to adjourn meeting by Mary Hansen. Second Mary Heiberger. Meeting adjourned at 8:45 p.m.