April 2020 Monthly Board Meeting

Board Meeting
April 8, 2020
7:00 p.m. via Zoom Meeting


Board Members Present: John Christensen, Carly Cordell, Butch Farley, Tim Lawrence, Mike Limmer, Mike Lounsbery, Jill Mockler, Adam Nelson, Brendyn Richards, Dawn Seeley, Chet Borah, Scott Klungseth, and Lisa Collins

Absent Board Members:  Tricia Bak and Michelle Weatherton

Others Present: Geoff Gross, Rob Wilson and Scott Ebert

Secretary Report – Carly.  March meeting minutes were reviewed. 

Mike Limmer made a motion to approve minutes as written. Jill seconds. No discussion. Minutes approved.

Treasurer Report – presented by John.              Current Balance: $36,989.90                 Scholarship Account: $245.00

  • Bills paid since last meeting: $148.54 year end BBB Recognition Dinner; $110.60 and $217.26 to Intense Graphics for Youth Basketball Tournaments

Butch F. made a motion to approve treasurer report. Mike Limmer seconds. No further discussion. Report approved.

New Business

  • School Updates were given by Mr. Gross.
    • Coaches requests were reviewed and some clarification/changes were made. Many of these requests are largely dependent on COVID19 pandemic status. All sporting coach requests are on hold until next meeting.
    • School requests are still in place:
      • HUDL Software – Mr. Gross will look into costs regarding prorates if no fall sports are held.
      • Neptune – invoice in October ($1600)
      • Rozy – Checking on pro-rated costs due to no spring sports. Summer program options are being considered.
    • Touch Pro Screen is a time sensitive request. School is requesting $1000 to help support the purchase of an electronic display board for in the gym lobby. Device has not been purchased yet.  School will be responsible for content on the display board.  Will hang on west wall between cafeteria kitchen doors.  Total cost is approximately $10,500.  Funding from other sources are being considered.

Jill made a motion to approve $1000 request for the Touch Pro Electronic display board.  Butch F seconds. Mr. Gross will request the payment of the $1000 when it is needed. No further discussion.  All approve.  Motion carried.

  • Frostbite 4 updates – Dawn Seeley
    • Committee is having difficulty with getting ahold of All Sports Central for final amount raised and remains unknown. Will update as able.
  • March 14 Youth Basketball Tournament
    • Due to the coronavirus (COVID19) this event had to be cancelled.
    • Last year’s profit was $9180, so an approximate loss of $10,000
    • Costs already incurred prior to tournament cancellation:
      • Trophies = around $300. These are year specific, but can buy new plaques for next year’s tournament
      • Intense Graphics = $217.60 extra T-Shirts for tournament have been pd for. Tim L indicated that these are not year specific and could be used for future tournament.
  • Spring Banquet
    • Thursday, May 7th: This in person event is cancelled due to COVID19 pandemic.
      • Food/caterer—Lisa will call and cancel Central Catering and cake order at Fiesta Foods
      • Banquet Program—Carly will continue to work on this. We will plan to distribute to all high school athlete families.
      • Need President Letter from Brendyn for program
      • Booster Club Volunteer of the Year (Service Award): Carly will create Google Form for members to vote on nominated athletes
      • Karen Carlson Scholarship: Carly will create a Google Form for members to vote on nominated members
      • Continue with Senior recognition blankets: Mr. Gross will send senior names to Tim Lawrence for blankets
    • Alternative Options
      • Discussed hosting recognition event via Zoom or other online platform.
      • Would recognize the Seniors, Top Dawgs, Warriors of the month.
      • Gross will involve the coaches. Mike Limmer, Brendyn and Butch willing to help organize.
  • Membership Committee: 2020-21 committee needs to set a date to meet and begin discussing fall membership drive strategies. 

Old Business

  • Scholarships
    • Scholarship deadline for application has been extended to May 4, 2020 and sent out by Mrs. Pratt.
    • Rubric needs created. Draft received from Mr. Gross and examples available.  Carly requested assistance to get this created.  John Christensen agreed to finalize draft.
    • Need to take in consideration in later years this pandemic and how the Spring Sports were cancelled.
  • Bylaw updates: These were updated and sent out with the agenda and minutes.
    • Will review and update bylaws.
      • Brendyn will email to Frieberg Law to review prior to implementing.
    • Marketing Brochure update—Tim L. No update.

Next Meeting Dates: May 6, 2020

Motion to adjourn @ 9:12 by Chet Borah.  Mike Limmer seconds.  No discussion.  Meeting Adjourned.

Submitted by:

Carly Cordell, BABC Secretary