September 2017

Sep 20

Beresford Watchdog Booster Club

Board Meeting
September 17,2017
6:00 p.m. at The Bridges

Present: Mike Limmer, Geoff Gross, Jeff Thaler, Chet Borah, Sarah Antonson, Brendyn Richards, and Brian Peterson

Absent: Brad Antonson, Deb Bergland, Tom Diefendorf, Troy Swee, Brandon Peterson, John Christensen, Todd Schlup, Teresa Schlup, Michelle Weatherton, and Tricia Bak

Secretary Report:  Report was reviewed.  A motion was made by Jeff Thaler to approve the August minutes, Chet Borah 2nd, motion carried.

Treasurer Report Report was reviewed.  Current balance is $43,215.25.  A motion was made by Brian Peterson to approve, Chet Borah 2nd, motion carried.


Old Business

  1. The 3 for 30 Membership Drive Update (Teresa/Tom/Mike): Sitting at about $28,000 so far.  There are a few businesses that gave verbal agreement but have not sent the money in yet so we are close to our goal.
  2. Homecoming Review: It was early but but thought it went over great.  There was a great crowd and great parade (longest one in a long time).  Question was brought up if the Hall of Fame inductees should be announced before the game and leave half time for the kids since it is their homecoming.  Mixed feelings on this.
  3. HOF Recap (see program): Very well done.  People voiced that it was great to have kids involved and it was quite impressive for a high school hall of fame.
  4. Master Calendar Build (Jeff & Teresa): Maybe have a parent liason for each activity/sport.  This is a work in progress.
  5. Booster Club Memberships (Display Board for individuals and Business lobby): The goal is to get something at the school to show these memberships.  Mike will talk with Michelle about ideas.  There is concern about where to put it, as there is not really any wall space available.  There were discussions on putting it in the lobby or put in programs.
  6. Marching Band Competition (Sept. 29th) (Geoff): Brian LeMaster was looking for help with the event and wondering if there was ever a possibility of a music boosters being an umbrella of the BABC.  No further discussion on this.  (Fiesta did offer to donate the water for the event though.)

New Business

  1. Formal Requests for funding (coaches requests/paper trail): Teresa is taking the old paper form and developing an updated one so we have a paper trail.  They will be submitted to Geoff (Athletic Director) and then he will submit them to the Booster Club.
  2. Tailgate Meal for Oct. 13th (Brad, Jeff, Brandon, Russ): Meat is frozen as well as the buns.  Jeff will take the buns out of the freezer a few days in advance to see if they are still good.  If they are not, Fiesta will order some new ones for us (only need a few days notice).  Fiesta will order the water for us and will keep it cold.  Mike has chips, plates, and napkins.
  3. Committee Chair Updates: IT–New member list will be live the first week of October.  FB4—nothing to report currently.  Fundraising—Jeff Thaler had an idea of a game called Queen of Hearts.  He reports that it has raised some good money for other groups in other towns.  Basketball Tournament-see below.  Sports needs—none currently.  Homecoming—none currently.  Apparel—it was just mentioned that we need to keep our brand of “Unleash the Pride” going.  Scholarships—It was discussed that we need to make sure that the information is updated on the scholarship regarding parents have to be a member and that the recipient must participate in at least one sport their senior year.  Recognition and Banquet committees were combined.
  4. HOF Funding Request: The HOF financial report was reviewed—in a nutshell they took in $1740 in revenue for banquet dinners (87 people at $20).  They provided up to 9 complimentary dinner tickets to each inductee’s family and provided meals to the student presenters and helpers as well.  Expenses totaled $5976.19.  Net loss was $4236.19.  If that is divided by the 4 sponsoring entities, the cost would be $1059.05 each to break even and pay all bills.  So the HOF is requesting the BABC pay $1059.05 to help defray this cost.  Discussion was had that in the future maybe they can offer a smaller number of complimentary tickets to the inductee’s family as 9 seems a little excessive.  There are not a lot of items that can be used from year to year either so cost will continue to be about the same.  Motion made by Sarah to approve paying $1059.05 toward the HOF since athletics is one of the pillars.  Brendyn 2nd, motion carried.
  5. Geoff Gross Requests
  • Cheer Team T-shirt request: The cheer team requested $32 each for 13 t-shirts that the cheerleaders can keep.  It was decided at this time that we cannot pay for something for the cheerleaders to keep but if there is anything that we can help with that would stay with the school/cheer squad, we would be happy to help.  Geoff will discuss with the cheer coaches and will let us know.
  • Top Dawg Display Board—JD’s gave Geoff Gross sample that has 78 plaques on the one board with an estimated cost of $450. We would like to have the BABC logo on the plaque.  Geoff will have them add that.  The plaque will include an area for a picture of the group that can be changed out year after year.  Discussion was also had about what to do for the junior high athletes that are multisport athletes.  Last year they received a certificate for this.  Wondering about something for the junior high hallway.  We will stay with the certificates for now but may discuss further if there would be a place to put a group picture of multisport junior high athletes to encourage kids to continue that going into high school.  Jeff made a motion to approve up to $550 for a Top Dawg plaque for the high school, Brian 2nd, motion carried.
  • Wrestling Singlets: Wrestling coaches are requesting funds to help with singlet’s that would incorporate both Beresford and Alcester instead of wearing Alcester ones one time and the next time wearing Beresford ones.  The quote for the wrestling singlet’s are $53 each.  They are requesting that our booster club pay $20/per wrestler, Alcester’s booster club pay $20/ wrestler, and the families pay the other $13.  There are approximately 20 kids out for wrestling.  The school will not pay for these because they would like to personalize the singlet’s with their names with the intention that the wrestler’s will keep them.  Discussion was tabled for now as there is concern because of the personalization and the wrestler’s keeping them.  It is similar to the cheerleaders keeping their shirts.  There would be interest in helping if there was no personalization and they stayed with the school.
  • Bravo Boards: Geoff just offered some information on these boards as it is something that you can scroll advertisers on.  The cost is about $2000.   There will be more information to come.
  1. Fall Social/Coaches Breakfast: At this time the discussion was that the kickoff was our fall social.
  2. Open board positions: Tom will finish this year as treasurer but will then be done so we will need someone to replace him.  There may be other positions coming available, as well, so try to think of some people to replace any outgoing board members.

Other Business

  1. Next Meeting Date: Next meeting is scheduled for October 15th at 6:00pm at the Bridges.

Upcoming Events

September 29: Marching Band Event

Oct. 13: Tailgate and Executive Sponsor (Jensen Agency): Chet and Brandon will hand out picture to them.

*(We do have 4 more sponsors to fit in on dates yet).  Note that each executive sponsor receives a sign/picture which replaces the sign that kids would autograph.  The cost of each of these is about $20.

October: Fall Social or coaches breakfast?

November 29th: Business Luncheon 11:45 -1:00 The Bridges


January: Winter Social: February 9th

Feb/March: Youth Basketball Tourney (replacing former Comm-Ed Tourney) (Brendyn):  Date is set for March 3rd and it will be a tournament for boys 3rd-8th grade and girls 7th and 8th grade.  It was decided that is would be $125 per team.  We will take gate and will have concessions.  Brendyn is taking the lead on this and will get the information to the Argus Leader to get the information listed under their basketball tournaments.  We discussed having Michelle there doing shirts and making sure our logo is on the shirts.  Also discussed talking with the coaches to have the kids help in all areas (this would include all athletes).

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