September 2016

Sep 30
Beresford Watchdog Booster Club

Beresford Athletic Booster Club Minutes

September 27, 2016

Present: Michelle Weatherton, Tom Diefendorf, Deb Bergland, Jeff Thaler, Brad Muller, Geoff Gross, Todd Schlup, Teresa Schlup, Brian Peterson, Brad Antonson, Sarah Antonson, Chet Borah, and Brendyn Richards; Absent: Troy Swee, Mike Limmer

Jeff called meeting to order.

Trisha Beeson gave update on Homecoming sales, which went very well. All elementary students were given a tattoo. Trisha said she would be willing to do again next year. Also said she would be willing to do street painting. Teresa is willing to do the street painting for another year, so both can work together on this. Teresa shared that street painting went well—had lots of help. Already have the paint for next year.

Secretary’s Report:  Brad A. made motion to approve minutes, 2nd by Brian. Motion approved.

Treasurer’s Report: Tom gave update, current balance $38,801.17. Deb made motion to approve treasurer’s report, 2nd by Brad M. Motion approved.


*Homecoming: All went well. Float was good. Thanks to Brad M. for use of his building to put together float.

*Membership Update: Membership drive has been going great. Approximately, $25,000 has been raised in memberships so far. Jeff indicated we may have a few more business memberships (Dakota Metals, Showplace, Wells Fargo). Michelle is working on coat for executive sponsors.

–Teresa suggested putting cost of athletic passes in all memberships, except for lowest level which would mainly be senior citizens since they get the golden age passes. Michelle and Brad M. suggested including athletic passes in business memberships. Jeff mentioned a possibly having a payment option for bigger memberships. Teresa suggested that all student athletic passes go through the school and that we not have anything to do with this.

–Teresa has some other ideas of changing some things for future. Will share more on this at a later date.

–Tom will reimburse school for all activity passes.

*On-line Store/Apparel: Michelle gave update on on-line store—8 orders on clothing. Nov 1st will be deadline for being able to use promo code. Focal point in future will be “Unleash the Pride” apparel. Discussed possibility of new shirt (1/4 zip) for Booster Board members. Brad A. made motion, 2nd by Chet to have Michelle design new shirts for board members. Motion approved.

*Coaches Shirts: Geoff will get sizes from coaches and give to Michelle.

*SD License Plate Branding Option: Jeff brought forth idea of this. He will look into this further.


*Coaches/Business Luncheon: This will be held November 30th at the Bridges. All Varsity coaches will be in attendance. This time it will be open to all businesses, but after this one it will be limited to businesses that are members of the Booster Club. Two luncheons per year is the goal.

*Football Tailgate: Tailgate September 30th at the shelter at the stadium. Brad A. will pick up food at 3pm. We are using grills at Bridges. Tom D. will get 3 roasters to use. The varsity volleyball team is going to help serve.

— Executive Sponsors: Jensen Insurance is this week’s football sponsor. We need two board members to present an “Unleash The Pride” yard sign to our sponsors. The signs will be autographed by the team and coach of the sponsored event. Geoff will do the write ups for the announcer. Chet and Tom will present this week. The next home game Brian and Brad A. will present.

—-Geoff and his brother are donating a Watchdog bean bag game to be silent auctioned at our tailgate. Thank you! They would like the proceeds to go towards athletic scholarships.

*Athletic Scholarships: There was discussion involving changing the way we handle our scholarships so that every athlete can earn one. An example of the criteria would be the following:

  1. Athlete must be involved in at least two sports Junior and Senior years.
  2. Athlete must apply for scholarship.
  3. Parents must be Booster Club members both Junior and Senior years.
  4. Establish a minimum GPA

–No decision was made, discussion was tabled.

–Athletic banquet will be May 4th.

*Coaches Requests: Coaches requests will be done through the Booster Club website. All requests will go to Geoff, so he can determine what the school will pay for before he asks the Booster Club for funds.

–All gear purchased by the Booster Club will have our Unleash The Pride logo on it.

–Motion made by Brad A. to provide the Girls Basketball team $1000 to buy shooting shirts. These shirts will belong to the team and will be returned to the coach at the end of each season. The shirts are expected to last 3-4 years. 2nd by Teresa. Motion approved.

–Motion by Brian to provide Boys Basketball team $2200 for new practice gear and travel tops. These will belong to the team and be returned to the coach at the end of each season. 2nd by Sarah. Motion approved.

 *Next meeting will be October 26th 6:30pm at the Bridges.

Motion made by Todd to adjorn meeting, 2nd by Brad A. Motion approved.

Respectfully submitted,

Deb Bergland


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