September 2015

Sep 23

Beresford Athletic Booster Club Meeting

September 20, 2015


Name Status Name Status Name Status
Mike Seivert   Tom Diefendorf P Michelle Weatherton P
Jeff Thaler P Deb Bergland   Troy Swee  
Brad Antonson P Angela Peterson   Chet Borah  
Sarah Antonson P Brian Peterson P Ann Kropuenske P
Ranee Van Gelder P Todd Schlup P Mike Limmer P
Mike Busch   Teresa Schlup P    

Status:     P = Present, Blank= Absent


Topic Notes
Secretaries Report Distributed – motion by Brian to approve, Mike L seconded, all approved
Treasurers Report Distributed – Blitz funds have not been moved to T&A Accounts yet

Motion by Deb to approve, Tom seconded, all approved

Old Business *note – bold/italic line items tasks/deliverables prior to next meeting



Golf Tourney




 Booster Club Pork Feed





Board Member Positions





Blitz Cards







Search Fundraising




Only 1 team signed up, decision to cancel based on lack of response

Jeff will check with Mike B if funds need to be returned to sponsors

Tom will check on options for May 2016


Discussion to hold event earlier in the year next year

Possibly have an event after the homecoming parade next year such as longest drive, kids activities or maybe have concessions during elementary field day

Suggestion for next year to move the serving line to the front of the building for better visibility


Move Todd S to IT committee, remove from Sports Needs committee
Troy will continue to have admin rights, editors are Trish, Kelly K., Angie L, Todd S., Troy D, Kevin H., Rochelle Borah, Chris D., Brent


Raised over $5000.00, all funds go to coaches T&A accounts, allocated by Mike B and coaches.

Discussed more involvement from coaches to promote sales in the future

Suggestion to have sub sandwiches instead of hot dogs again

Need to Determine if we will continue Blitz card fundraiser next year by January meeting

Suggestion to meet with Coaches in January for input on blitz night and fundraising needs


Include coaches to review this option in an upcoming meeting – Jeff will coordinate with Mike B.

New Business  


Street Painting – 1.5 hours with the few volunteers

Spirit Items ordered, distribution to students will be on Monday of homecoming week

Leftover items will be sold at the volleyball game

Ann has a bill from ACE for the rollers used for street painting, paint was donated

Need to send a Thank you to ACE, Michelle will check for thank you stock, Ranee will send thank you

Michelle has booster club t-shirts to throw at the parade and for cheerleaders to throw at the football game

Sherri Petersen was still working on purchasing a flag to be used at games

Athlete signing will be on Wednesday, pizza will be served to HS student athletes attending

Membership Opportunities






Fundraising opportunities

Youth Wrestling tourney




Fall Social



 Long Term Projects










Rhonda is working on a final membership list

Reviewed worksheets distributed by Mike L for possible tiered membership levels

Looking for help asking local businesses for input on corporate/business memberships

Business feedback – some would like advertising, some don’t

Schedule time to call businesses for input – Brian and Brad, Mike and Ranee will reach out to community members

Would be helpful to solicit new members by explaining what funds are used for


Mike B indicated there are a couple of dates open the beginning of January, possibly the 3rd

Jeff will contact Dale

Discussed college, high school or alumni wrestlers for refs, Brian P will talk to Tyler Sorensen about high school wrestlers.


Date: October 16, after last home football game

Pulled pork and Bridges menu items – Tom will check with the Bridges.


Extra Gym

Football concessions/bathrooms

Member newsletters

Publish meeting minutes


Who is admin of

Create Booster Club website – Teresa will set up, $13 a year for a domain

Motion by Brad to approve creating Booster Club Website, seconded by Ann, all approved – website will replace page on school website


Come to the next meeting with 3 ideas for future projects- Deb will provide information regarding school projects


Next Meeting October 14th at 6:00 at The Bridges

Motion to adjourn by Brad, seconded by Brian, all approved

Respectfully submitted by Ranee Van Gelder



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