October 2018

Oct 26

Beresford Watchdog Booster Club

Board Meeting
October 10th, 2018
7:00 p.m. at The Bridges

Present: Mike Limmer, Tricia Bak, Michelle Weatherton, John Christensen, Scott Klungseth, Deb Bergland, Carly Cordell, Sarah Antonson, Jill Mockler, Jeff Thaler, Chet Borah, and Brendyn Richards (via phone).

Absent: Teresa Schlup, Troy Swee, and Geoff Gross

Secretary Report– Report was reviewed.  Sarah made a motion to approve minutes, John 2nd, motion carried.

Treasurer Report– Report was reviewed, current balance $44,192.61. John shared information on financial reports and audit. Jeff made motion to approve treasurer report, Scott 2nd, motion carried.

Old Business

Hall of Fame Recap/Expense: Mike and Deb shared about the success of the event. Mike shared that the expense to BABC will be about $1000.

Picture Collection for End of Season Booklet: Sarah and Teresa will meet to go over specifics about this. Teresa is willing to put pictures into the booklet, but need others to collect the pictures, many of which can be gotten off of the Facebook page.  Already have some volunteers to collect the pictures: Chris D (VB), Rachelle B. (golf, cheerleading and wrestling), Sarah (FB), and Carly (XC).  Sarah will purchase some flash-drives for downloading the pictures. Need to get the pictures to Teresa at the end of each sport season.

Coaches Request online/downloadable form: John would like the coaches requests in paper form for tracking purposes.  John will revise the form and will go over with Geoff to get his input.  The requests would need to be approved by AD and BABC

Volunteer Sign Ups online: The online signup form is a great way to get people to help out with various events.  We need to communicate with members via email and send out the direct link for the signup

Website Homecoming Article: Jill wrote recap for Homecoming festivities. We discussed mentioning Festival of Bands and Watchdog Hall of Fame banquet.

New Business

  1. Audit Review: Teresa Sveeggen, CPA, joined the meeting to go over the audit findings. A very thorough report was handed out and reviewed. Jill made a motion to approve the report as presented, Chet 2nd, motion approved.  
    • Carly made motion, Michelle 2ndto have Teresa file 990N on behalf of BABC, motion approved.
  2. Legacy Project: Deb gave an update on the project since the bond election failed. Project on hold for now until committee and school board determine what steps to take next. Discussion was held on whether or not we take the name “Legacy” off of tournament since the money raised was to be earmarked for the project, agreed it should not be called Legacy. Discussed amending motion to donating to sporting events instead of Legacy and can set aside a certain amount of money each year to put toward a project. At December meeting, we will revisit discussion on whether or not we want to rescind the motion for allotting $50,000 to the project.
  3. Pre-season Rozy Discount: Mike talked about the Rozy program being offered to athletes for six weeks in between sports seasons. Fee for this is paid for by the athlete/parent. Discussed whether or not athletes should be given a discount if at least one parent is a BABC member.  Deb made motion to pay stipend for student athletes to participate in the pre-season Rozy workout based on parent being BABC member, Mike 2nd.  Roll call vote—Mike (yes), Deb (yes), Michelle (yes), Carly (no), Scott (no), Chet (no), Jill (no), Jeff (no), John (no). Motion failed.
  4. Athletic Fieldhouse: Scott gave a report on this. Looking to build a 200 X 60 indoor practice facility (batting cages, bathrooms, concessions, replace current sheds for parks/golf). Cost is roughly $875,000. Currently have $25,000 in Jack Lawrence/Baseball Tomorrow fund. Scott will be presenting to the city council and school board.  Scott also showed the board the new PRCE website.
  1.   Committees (2018-2019):
    • Information Technology/Marketing: Teresa, Michelle
    • Frostbite: Troy, John (20thyear of event)
    • Membership: Mike, Jill, Deb, Brendyn, John.
      1. Individual members (199), Corporate members (24), Gratis Corporate members (6)
      2. $5520 need to pay school for activity passes
  • Mike will talk to Brendyn about date for Business breakfast/luncheon, will follow same protocol
  • Fundraising: Jeff, Brendyn
    1. Unleash the Pride license plates decals—Mike will talk to Brendyn about possibly pursuing this—positive response from board
    2. Youth BB tourneys: Girls Feb 9th& Boys March 9th
  • Other youth tourneys—probably not do at this time
  • Enhanced Sports Programming: Scott, Chet and 1 vacancy
    1. Youth BB clinic—need to bridge the gap between younger and older kids/athletes. Brendyn pursuing corporate sponsors to purchase purple/white basketballs for participants.
  • Spirit: Tricia, Michelle
    1. Tricia would like to replenish items now. Carly made motion to approve Tricia purchasing up to $1000 in spirit items, Jill 2nd, motion carried.
    2. Geoff sent info on a backdrop/table cover for signing day, but could be used for multiple things. Unleash the Pride banner is trashed, need new one. Mike will talk to Geoff about this to get more info (size, amount)
  • Recognition/Scholarships: Sarah, Carly (May 2nd, 2019)
  1. Annual Meeting and General Membership Meetings (socials)
    • Need to advertise meetings as general meetings
    • Need to have an annual meeting date

Other Business

  • Next Meeting Dates
    • November 7th
    • December 5th
    • January 2nd
    • February 6th
    • March 6th
    • April 3rd
    • May 1st
    • June 5th

Upcoming Events

  • Football Playoffs
  • Volleyball Post Season
  • May 2nd: Athletic Banquet

Next meeting November 7th, 2018 @ Bridges.

Motion made by Carly to adjorn meeting, Jill 2nd, motion carried.


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