October 2016

Oct 29
Beresford Watchdog Booster Club

Beresford Athletic Booster Club Minutes

October 26, 2016

Present: Tom Diefendorf, Mike Limmer, Deb Bergland, Todd Schlup, Teresa Schlup, Brandon Peterson, Brad Antonson, Sarah Antonson;

Absent: Troy Swee, Michelle Weatherton, Jeff Thaler, Brian Peterson, Chet Borah, and Brendyn Richards

Mike called meeting to order. He introduced and welcomed new board member, Brandon Peterson.

Secretary’s Report:  Tom made motion to approve minutes, 2nd by Brad A. Motion approved.

Treasurer’s Report: Tom gave update, current balance $50, 491.63. Payment was made to school for athletic passes. Brad A. made motion to approve treasurer’s report, 2nd by Deb. Motion approved.


*Membership Final Results: Membership drive was a huge success. Teresa talked about promoting businesses on website, as well as what Booster club gives to student athletes.

–Briefly discussed Geoff’s request regarding member list in programs. We will get more information from Geoff on this.

–Executive sponsors update: recognition seems to be going well @ home athletic events. Volunteers for upcoming events: Will discuss further at next meeting since currently no events scheduled between now and next meeting.

–Brandon recommended sending student athletes out every once in a while to give out Booster information to community members.

*SD License Plate Branding Option: This is currently on hold due to tax implications.

*Coaches/Business Luncheon: This will be held November 30th from 12-1 pm at the Bridges. All Varsity coaches will be in attendance. This time it will be open to all businesses, but after this one it will be limited to businesses that are members of the Booster Club. Two luncheons per year is the goal. Booster board members who plan to be there: Jeff, Mike, Teresa, Brad A.

*Socials: Sarah talked about having socials for all booster members. Discussed having some smaller events at home athletic events, such as serving rootbeer floats, cookies, etc.

–Picked two dates for these events: Jan 3rd Wrestling Quad and Jan 20th BBB/GBB


*Ideas for Use of Booster Funds:

  • Discussed school song banner, as this has been discussed in the past. Sarah will talk to Michelle about this.
  • Bus wrap is on hold per school.
  • Brad A. brought up idea of wrapping the Crow’s Nest @ FB stadium with “Unleash the Pride”
  • Brad also brought up idea of having a flagpole with “Unleash the Pride” flag
  • Another idea was to put “Unleash the Pride” on popcorn bags

*Coaches/Sports Needs: Tom brought up having Booster board members and coaches meet in June to address any sports needs/requests.

–Brandon talked about supporting coaches in ways to help them continue to develop student leadership.

–Discussed giving each head coach a $100 stipend for them to use for their end of season celebration. This would be retroactive from start of school year, as we are aware some fall sports have already had their end of season celebration. Tom will submit a check to the school for this. Tom D. made motion, 2nd by Todd. Motion approved. Deb emailed Geoff and other admin to let them know of this plan.

*Cross Country stipends: Tom took care of this prior to state meet.

*Facebook Live: Mike shared about using this as a way to broadcast things on membership drive. He and Teresa visited with Geoff about it. Idea would be to have a 7 day Facebook video campaign for membership drive. Have pre-recorded sports video snippets—kids/coaches share about season/ accomplishments. Use this year’s winter/spring sports for next year’s membership drive.

*Thank yous: Mike will order thank you’s from Printing Plus. We will use “Unleash the Pride” logo.

–Deb will send thank you to Geoff’s brother for donating the beanbag toss game (money raised to go to athletic scholarships).

*Welcome Home Celebrations: Mike brought up possibly serving cookies, coffee/water for welcome home celebrations when student athletes return from State events.

*Next meeting will be November 20th @ 4 pm at Bertz.

Motion made by Brad A. to adjorn meeting, 2nd by Teresa. Motion approved.

Respectfully submitted,

Deb Bergland





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