October 2015

Nov 22

Beresford Athletic Booster Club Meeting

October 14, 2015


Name Status Name Status Name Status
Mike Seivert Tom Diefendorf P Michelle Weatherton P
Jeff Thaler P Deb Bergland P Troy Swee
Brad Antonson Angela Peterson Chet Borah
Sarah Antonson P Brian Peterson P Ann Kropuenske
Ranee Van Gelder P Todd Schlup P Mike Limmer P
Mike Busch Teresa Schlup

Status:     P = Present, Blank= Absent


Topic Notes
Secretaries Report Emailed – motion by Mike L, to approve, Brad seconded, all approved
Treasurers Report Distributed –reviewed deposits/expenses

Motion by Mike L to approve, Deb seconded, all approved

Old Business *note – bold/italic line items tasks/deliverables prior to next meeting
Golf Tourney








Fall Social



Moved date to May 2016, no reimbursements needed for sponsorships.

Discussed reaching out to alumni and increasing awareness using facebook, school website, booster club website and twitter.

Planning to begin in January 2016


Reviewed spreadsheet and binder of area school examples of levels of memebership.

Discussed tax exempt possibility


October 16, after the football game, at The Bridges

Mike Busch will give recap of fall seasons


New Business



Fundraising opportunities

Youth Wrestling tourney



Gold stipends



Reach Fundraising presentation/Coach input












Booster Club Website demo




Youth wrestling was not interested in partnering this year. Discussed options of holding a second wrestling tourney. Chet and Tyler will schedule a meeting with Bridget, Dale, Rachelle to discuss holding two events.

Friday nights was suggested as a good option, or Saturday afternoons. Potential date, sometime in February.


Reimburse Logan and Sam, stipend is $25.



Reviewed Team Hub website.   Identify fundraisers, all facilitated through the website.

Account coordinator manages virtual fundraiser. Students are not required to go door to door instead, send emails to friends, family, suggesting to include out of state supporters.

Sponsors pay for advertising spots on the Team Hub. Reviewed digital savings club. App is $20.00 to access local and national business discounts.

Discussion regarding if we determine to use Reach fundraising, coaches fundraising would be discontinued and all fundraising would be facilitated through Team Hub.

Discussed expectations of support from Booster Club with coaches in attendance. Common requests were for gear, apparel and camps.

Reviewed athletics banquet, had feedback from coaches. Discussed opportunities recognizing student athletes through the year and at the end of the year.



Reviewed Watchdogboosterclub.com website.

Options on the website are sport updates/pictures, purchase memberships, post minutes, display Board Members, events, bylaws. Lots of great options!

Next Meeting November 22 at 5:00 at The Bridges

Motion to adjourn by Deb, seconded by Brad, all approved

Respectfully submitted by Ranee Van Gelder


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