November 2018

Nov 26

Beresford Watchdog Booster Club

Board Meeting
November 7th, 2018
7:00 p.m. at The Bridges

Present: Mike Limmer, Brendyn Richards, Scott Klungseth, Carly Cordell, Deb Bergland, Sarah Antonson, Geoff Gross, and Jeff Thaler; Dawn Seely (guest) was in attendance to learn more about the Booster Club.

Absent: Jill Mockler, John Christensen, Michelle Weatherton, Troy Swee, Tricia Bak, and Chet Borah

Secretary Report– Report reviewed. Carly made a motion to approve secretary’s report, 2ndby Scott, motion carried.

Treasurer Report– Report reviewed, current balance $45,225.02. Deb made a motion to approve treasurer’s report, 2ndby Sarah, motion carried.

Old Business

*Backdrop/table cover: Geoff said he would get artwork done for backdrop and will also get costs and then will report back to the board.

New Business

*Request for payments:  

  • Funds for HOF–$1,000
  • Payment to school for athletic passes–$5520
  • Teresa Sveeggen services–$1288.65, which includes filing fee
  • Payment to Intense Graphics–$279.21 (state t-shirts for golf and cross country)
  • Payment to Tricia Bak for Homecoming/spirit items–$264.56

Motion made by Jeff to approve above noted payments in the total amount of $8,352.42, 2ndby Brendyn, motion carried.

*Membership boards in Lobby:Discussed putting list of members up in the lobby again, got the previous boards through Intense Graphics. Will put boards up again and will also periodically announce at games that they are out in the lobby.

*Business Luncheon:Luncheon will be held on Dec. 5th. Jeff suggested possibly having a social prior to a double-header basketball game as a way to thank members. We will discuss this further at a future meeting.

*Committees (2018-2019)

  • Information Technology/Marketing: (Teresa, Michelle)
  • Frostbite: (Troy, John) We will need to get volunteer sign-up up and running for this event.
  • Membership: (Mike, Jill, Deb, Brendyn, John)
  • Fundraising: (Jeff, Brendyn) Brendyn asked whether or not we wanted to pursue the “Unleash The Pride” with watchdog head license plates decals, which would be ordered through the state site. Mike made motion to order 100 decals at cost of $165, Sarah 2nd, motion carried.

*Dates for 3rd-8thyouth BB tourneys: Feb 9th(boys), Mar 9th(girls)

  • Enhanced Sports Programming: (Scott, Chet, vacant) Geoff met with winter coaching staff regarding youth basketball clinic and will look at scheduling after Christmas holidays due to lack of gym space. Geoff is still looking at dates to have one clinic for boys and one for girls.
  • Spirit: (Tricia, Michelle)
  • Recognition/Scholarships: (Sarah, Carly)

*Annual Meeting & General Membership Meetings (socials) No report

Other Business

*Mike talked to Troy James about the leadership council. There has been no activity at this time, but may still try to get something started.  Mike let Troy know that the $150, which was approved for the leadership council, needs to be used within 120 days of approval date.  If money is not used, then they would need to reapply for funds.

*Next Meeting Dates:

  •             December 5th
  •             January 2nd     
  •             February 6th    
  •             March 6th
  •             April 3rd
  •             May 1st
  •             June 5th

Jeff made motion to adjorn the meeting, 2ndby Scott, motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,

Deb Bergland
BABC Secretary

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