November 2016

Nov 23
Beresford Watchdog Booster Club

Beresford Athletic Booster Club Minutes

November 20, 2016

Present: Troy Swee, Michelle Weatherton, Chet Borah,Tom Diefendorf, Geoff Gross, Mike Limmer, Deb Bergland, Sarah Antonson, Brian Peterson, and new member, John Christensen; Absent: Todd Schlup, Teresa Schlup, Jeff Thaler, Brandon Peterson, Brad Antonson, Brendyn Richards, and Brad Muller

Mike called meeting to order

Secretary’s Report:  Made amendment to minutes regarding bank balance, $39, 846.76. Tom made motion to approve minutes, 2nd by Michelle. Motion approved.

Treasurer’s Report: Tom gave update, current balance $36,048.18. No payment made for Girls BB shirts yet, will do so when all are in. Geoff will give Tom the invoice. Brian made motion to approve treasurer’s report, 2nd by Troy. Motion approved.

Mike introduced and welcomed new board member, John Christensen.


*Tax Exempt Status—501C3: Tom reported that this is still pending.

*Coaches/Business Luncheon: This will be held November 30th from 12-1 pm at the Bridges. Invite all senior athletes to attend this.

*Coaches Shirts: Geoff has sizes for coaches and will give info to Michelle. She will show Geoff a few shirt samples she has picked out.

*Executive Corporate Jackets: These are ordered and will be given out at Corporate Luncheon.

*Approved Coaches Request Funding Process: Coaches requests go through Geoff, then to Booster Board.


*Unleash the Pride Window Clings: 125 clings ordered, cost $690. This was approved via text to purchase window clings to give to businesses.

*High School and Elementary Window Wraps: Geoff talked about the window wraps that were put up at the south campus and then showed a picture of wrap that will go up in windows of gym entrance at north campus. Cost for south campus $530, cost of north campus $1750, total $2280. Sarah made a motion to pay for the window wraps, 2nd by Troy. Motion approved.

*Cheerleading Camp: Didn’t really have a lot of specific information on this, but had some discussion about assisting cheerleaders if they wanted to run a camp for younger kids. Mike had visited with Stacia about this. Want to make sure cheerleaders know we are here if need anything. Troy suggested that we should recognize cheerleaders at our end of year Banquet and also that a senior cheerleader be eligible for a scholarship. Although our cheerleaders are not a SDHSAA sanctioned sport, all agreed that they do cheer for our athletic teams and should be recognized.

*Cakes and Kids Opportunity: Idea shared about serving Booster members pancakes, sausages, coffee, etc. while kids possibly are attending a camp at school. Maybe have free for Booster members and non-members would pay. Will discuss more ideas in the future.

*2017 Membership Drive: Mike suggested that we start pushing out info in February. Examine our current membership and look at how to make it even better. Mike, Deb, Troy, Chet, and Brandon will serve on this committee.

*Upcoming Corporate Sponsor Nights:

  • Bertz (Wrestling Quad Jan. 3): Brian and Chet
  • First Dakota (Canton BB Jan 20): Sarah and Deb
  • SE Farmer’s Coop (Verm BB Jan. 31): Mike and Jeff; Also Whopper Feed
  • Quivana (BB Feb. 16): Brad A. and John

*School District Upcoming Projects: Deb shared about potential capital outlay projects in the future. May be an opportunity for a Booster Club project. Will discuss further at a later time.


*Michelle mentioned that Kevin had talked to her about Booster Club painting lockers in locker rooms at elementary school. Had some discussion on this—is this something that the school should just take care of, mentioned it is easiest to pull them out and spray them outside (summer project). Booster Club members could possibly provide labor to help with this. Also mentioned possibly having Booster Club donate banners to hang in locker rooms. Michelle will design banners and then will share prices with us.

*Troy mentioned having Razor flags to line up for activities. Geoff will talk to coaches and look into this.

*Troy talked about Frostbite 4: Coy will be taking over for Kari, as she is getting off the committee. FB4 committee bought 10 boys and 10 girls ¼ zip shirts for varsity CC. FB4 giving $ to various projects. Will start discussions next month. FB4 is Feb 4th, everything will be held in the gym. Could use some help with tear down afterward. Awards and meal will be at the Bridges. Moving away from All Sports Central.

*School Song Banner: Deb will get measurements of space from Brian and will let Michelle know. She can design once she has measurements and let us know cost.

*Next meeting will be January 15th @ 4 pm at Bertz.

Motion made by Michelle to adjorn meeting, 2nd by Tom. Motion approved.

Respectfully submitted

Deb Bergland





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