May 2017

May 25
Beresford Watchdog Booster Club

May 21, 2017 Board Meeting

4:00 p.m. at Bridges

Present: Deb Bergland, Teresa Schlup, Todd Schlup, Mike Limmer, Jeff Thaler, Troy Swee, Michelle Weatherton, Sarah Antonson, Brad Antonson, John Christensen, Brian Field (guest)

Absent: Brendyn Richards, Brian Peterson, Tricia Beeson, Tom Diefendorf, Geoff Gross, Chet Borah, Brandon Peterson

Secretary Report – Deb reviewed report.  Mike made motion to approve, Michelle 2nd, motion carried.

Treasurer Report – Report reviewed. Todd made motion to approve, John 2nd, motion carried.

Old Business

*PAC—Brian Field shared updated information about the PAC/Auxiliary Gym/Student Commons/Secure Entrance/Fitness Center. Cost will be just under $15 million for the project. District looking to do a $10 million bond, community capital campaign, capital outlay certificates (20 years $250,000/yr). Can the Booster club donate $6000-7000 to pay for marketing consultant?  Beresford Area Arts and Beresford Area Foundation will each also pay $6000-7000 to the consultant. No one expressed opposition, but need to Will need to figure out budget first.

*Recognition Banquet Recap–Sarah gave recap, overall a success, suggested a few changes for next year

New Business

*Committee Chair Assignments: Committee assignments reviewed

*Budget Review—Will have expenses of coaches’ requests, deliverables, etc. Discussed having budget on paper, need to list revenue/expenditures. Michelle mentioned possibility of having a more comprehensive worksheet for tracking expenses, such as Quick-in or Quickbooks.  Mike will talk to Tom about this.

*Coaches Requests—Reviewed list provided by Geoff. $20,600 requested by coaches, includes Hudl software as well as following:

  • GBB Summer Jam/Camps: $1500
  • BBB Summer camps: $1000
  • VB Summer Camps: $2000
  • Wrestling Summer Camps: $2000
  • FB Summer Camps: $1500

Mike made motion to approve amounts requested above, Sarah 2nd. Motion carried. Also discussed cost of Rozy’s Power program being around $3000-4000. Tabled remainder of requests until we here back from Geoff.

*2017/18 Membership Drive—Mike shared that we will have deliverables on hand.

*Fall Kickoff—Discussed trying to incorporate youth sports clinics (running, volleyball, football, golf). Talked about making it a fun event to kick-off fall sports. If anyone has any ideas, please share with Brendyn or Brandon.

*Middle School 3 Sport Athlete Recognition—40+ middle school students in 3 sports. Will be recognized @ middle school ceremony on 5/22/17.

*June 21 is Business Luncheon.

Next meeting will be 6/25/17 @ 4 pm at the Bridges. Will need to discuss budget, other coaches’ requests and fall kick-off.

Todd made motion to adjorn meeting, Mike 2nd. Meeting adjorned.

Respectfully submitted,
Deb Bergland


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