March 2017

Mar 27
Beresford Watchdog Booster Club

March 12, 2017 Board Meeting

Present: Brian Peterson, Chet Borah, Todd Schlup, Jeff Thaler, Teresa Schlup, Deb Bergland, Geoff Gross (via phone), Brad Antonson, Sarah Antonson, Tricia Beeson, Brendyn Richards, Brandon Peterson, John Christensen; Absent: Troy Swee, Tom Diefendorf, Mike Limmer, Michelle Weatherton, Brad Muller

Secretary Report – Reviewed report. Sarah made motion to approve, Brian 2nd, motion carried

Treasurer Report – Reviewed report. Teresa made motion to approve, Chet 2nd, motion carried.

Old Business

  1. Tax Exempt Status – 501(3)c UpdateJeff sent in approval from the state, should here back in 2 weeks, should have status going into membership drive
  2. Membership Plan 2017/18 seasonMembership committee–key dates: corporate June luncheon, Aug 1st individual membership; Teresa recapped some of the upcoming changes to levels—purple/white individual membership, pride will be family membership
  3. Hall of Fame Dates
    1. September 9th—Homecoming 9/8/17; very few nominees so far, so if can think of somebody let them know
    2. Financial Support (awards, meals)—may need assistance from Booster Club
  4. Performing Arts Center Update
    1. 2 Options for facilities—Deb shared that architects are revamping and will present March 20 @ next PAC committee meeting
    2. 3 Representatives from Booster Club will be working with committee—Jeff, Mike

Marketing Company discussion—Committee looking to hire someone to help w/capital campaign

New Business

Recognition Banquet Overview– Recognition Committee

  • Meeting w/coaches 3/10/17, suggested having tables for each sport.
  • Banquet will be 5/4/17, catered by Central Catering, attire semi-formal (khakis). Emcee: Dustin Degen. Have student athletes sit with their families.
  • Teresa working on slide show/program booklet. Teresa will talk to Printing Plus to find out deadline for needing information, will then let Geoff know so he can inform coaches.
  • Will need RSVP from athletes, coaches, parents
  • Recognize 4 year 3 sport athletes—discussed whether or not cheer and baseball should be included in this.  Can the school recognize club sports such as baseball, soccer, etc? Deb will bring up at school board meeting.

Scholarship Overview

Brian, John, Brad A. & Sarah met 3/11/17 to develop scholarship process. There will be a committee to review applications (2 admin, 2 coaches, 2 Booster members (Brad A. & John), and Shelly Pratt). Brandon made motion to approve scholarship application, Deb 2nd, motion carried.

School leadership meeting overview – Mike met with administration.

  • 2017/18 Activity Pass—remain the same, student pass sold at school

Projects Overview

  • Bleacher completion/support—bundles of wood will be auctioned off
  • Booster Club taking over of events programs (format, sponsors)?—Discussion on whether or not Booster Club would want to take this over, mixed feelings on this. Who would print? Weekly layout? – Past Year – $50 to $100/ad Annual cost is above that fe
  • Hospitality/parents night support

Board Member Committee Breakouts – Teresa spearheading this to put together a calendar of events

Building the Unleash the Pride calendarcommittee members discuss events for calendar and filter back to Teresa for master calendar

Other Business

–Geoff brought up that coaches are starting to send wish lists. Will need to communicate with members on sports needs

Next meeting will be 4/23/17 @ 4 pm.

Sarah made motion to adjorn meeting, Teresa 2nd, motion carried.

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