June 2017

Jun 28
Beresford Watchdog Booster Club

June 25, 2017 Board Meeting

6:30 p.m. at Bridges

Present: Brian Peterson, John Christensen, Deb Bergland, Mike Limmer, Michelle Weatherton, Brandon Peterson, Brendyn Richards

Absent: Brad Antonson, Sarah Antonson, Tricia Bak, Tom Diefendorf, Geoff Gross, Chet Borah, Troy Swee, Jeff Thaler, Teresa Schlup, Todd Schlup

Secretary Report – Deb reviewed report.  Brian made motion to approve, Michelle 2nd, motion carried.

Treasurer Report – Report reviewed.  Current balance is $32,588.19. Brandon made motion to approve, John 2nd, motion carried. We have $14,000 already committed ($8,000 coaches requests approved at last meeting, $4000 summer strength & conditioning program, $2,000 for membership deliverables). This will bring balance to $18,588.19.

Old Business

Coaches’ Requests—Reviewed list of requests that were out there, they are as follows:

  • Track & Field: 60 jackets @ $50/each—Coaches will use T & A money to pay for
  • GBB: Travel jackets ($1500)—was a previous request by Brent P., not currently a request by Ebert
  • Basketball: Gunn Machine ($3500)—Would like to know how much current one is used
  • BBB: Practice Gear received last yr. ($1800)—Mike will talk to Geoff to see if this was paid for by the school already.
  • Volleyball: Travel jackets ($1500)—no longer a request
  • Volleyball: Team Bonding Activities ($300)
  • FB/GBB/BBBVB: Hudl software ($1000)

John made motion to approve following coaches requests: BBB practice gear, Volleyball team bonding activities and Hudl software for a total of $3100. Brian 2nd motion. Motion carried.

Watchdog Legacy Project (Performing Arts Center, Gym, Student Commons/Lobby, Fitness Center)

*Mike gave cost breakdown of $14.8 million project: $11 mil PAC, $2 mil Gym, $1.5 mil Student Commons/Lobby, $500,000 Fitness Center. Larry Rohrer & Elle Highstreet shared information about the project. Elle is the marketing consultant who would be hired to work with committee on strategic planning for fundraising campaign. Beresford Arts Council and Beresford Area Foundation have each agreed to put $7000 toward the $21,000 total cost. After info was shared, board had discussion on whether or not to help fund 1/3 of cost ($7000) to hire Elle. Discussion surrounded paying for a comparable portion of the $21,000 as it relates to athletics since we are the Beresford Athletic Booster Club.

Brendyn made a motion for the BABC to approve $5000 to help fund cost to hire Elle Highstreet of Highstreet Meeting & Event Planning Company as a consultant for the project’s fundraising campaign. Mike 2nd motion. Motion carried.

New Business

Senior Thank You notes—Passed around thank you notes from 3 seniors thanking BABC for scholarships they received

Updated contact information—Mike handed out sheet with updated contact info (phone numbers, email addresses) of board members.

Fiscal year—Board discussed setting dates for BABC budget year. Brandon made motion to have fiscal year be July 1-June 30. John 2nd motion. Motion carried.

Financial Summary of Annual Budget—Mike shared document prepared by Tom regarding typical revenues/expenditures in annual budget.

Fall Kickoff—Date will be August 12th, which will also be kickoff for individual memberships. Brandon and Brendyn shared some ideas: FB, VB scrimmages, recognize XC runners, boys golfers. They will talk to Geoff about plans for this. Talked of putting together a flyer for athletes to hand out to the public, inviting them to attend the kickoff. More info to come as we get closer to the event.

Business Luncheon—This Wednesday 6/28/17 @ 12 pm @ Bridges. Kickoff for Business/Corporate Membership Drive

3 for 30 Membership Drive—Mike shared this is slogan for membership drive. 3 months of membership drive in hopes of raising $30,000. Talked of ending drive in October.

Master Calendar for year—Mike asked if anyone would like to develop a master calendar for year’s events. Decided to ask Jeff if he would be willing to do this.

Committee Chair updates—Reviewed committee lists

Other Business

Had discussion on whether or not to set a certain day for meetings each month, like 3rd Sunday of each month. Decided to table discussion at this time.

Upcoming Events:
*June 28th: Business Luncheon
*July 1st: Official Launch of “3 for 30” membership drive
*August 12th: Fall Kickoff and membership drive
*September 4-9: Homecoming Week
*September 9th: Watchdog Hall of Fame banquet
*October: Fall Social
*November 29th: Business Luncheon @ Bridges
*January: Winter Social

Next meeting will be 7/23/17 @ 6 pm @ Bridges.

Brian made motion to adjorn meeting, Michelle 2nd. Meeting adjorned.

Respectfully submitted,
Deb Bergland


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