June 2014

Jun 05

Beresford Athletic Booster Club Meeting June 4, 2014

Status: P = Present Blank= Absent







Mike Seivert


Tom Diefendorf

Michelle Weatherton


Jeff Thaler


Deb Bergland


Troy Doeden

Brad Antonson


Angela Peterson


Chet Borah

Sarah Antonson


Brian Peterson

Ann Kropuenske


Ranee Van Gelder


Todd Schlup


Racheal Kirkebak




Secretaries Report

Distributed minutes by email prior to meeting.
Motion to approve by Todd seconded by Brad, all approved

Treasurers Report

Distributed, reviewed invoices paid and outstanding
Motion to approve by Racheal, seconded by Deb, all approved

Old Business

Water fountain add on Recognition Banquet

Awards Presentation

Purchase 4 total, 2 by BABC and 2 by the school. School is hiring a plumber. Considered a “Courtesy of BABC” plate next to 2 purchased by BABC

Served 213
Suggestion for next year to have 2 serving lines
Received positive feedback on the video
Suggestion to have kids in attendance stand to be recognized
Senior attendance was down
Discussed moving to early April instead of May next year – need to get track coaches input on timing
Suggestions for video was more action photos and larger text
Coach speeches presentation will follow more of a standard format (video in the same location to reduce background noise, schedule a time to allow for coaches time to prepare

Recommend each sport has a meeting at the end of each season to present awards/letters
Schedule a coaches meeting to discuss distribution of letters/awards

New Business

Blitz Cards

Fall Scrimmages

Fall kickoff/Tailgate Goal Post Wraps

Duffle bags advertising Water bottle

Some new items such as a SAMS club renewal Enlarge a copy of the card for channel 8
Put notification on Facebook page
Publish in newspaper

Hold a coaches meeting to help with organization of sales

Moms vs Daughters Volleyball scrimmage- August 26, at 3:30-7:30 Coaches instructional introduction
Hotdog feed
Varsity Football Gatorade Scrimmage at 7:30

Set up membership and blitz card booth during each event Serve hot dogs chips and water

Football did not use funds for camps because of scheduling conflicts, would like to redirect to purchase Goal Post Wraps – all agreed

Request from Sarah for BABC to purchase space for $54 on duffle bag Discussed selling or giving away Booster club water bottles

Spirit Banquet/Membership

No items until Homecoming
Trish and Racheal will help with the recognition banquet and membership

Next Meeting

August 6, 6:00pm at The Bridges

Agenda – Goal Post wraps, fall kick off, schedule 2014-15 Recognition banquet, blitz cards, track scholarship


Motion by Racheal, seconded by Ann, all approved

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