January 2017

Jan 18
Beresford Watchdog Booster Club

Beresford Athletic Booster Club Minutes

January 15, 2017

Present: Tricia Beeson, Tom Diefendorf, Jeff Thaler, Geoff Gross, Mike Limmer, Deb Bergland, Sarah Antonson, Brad Antonson, Brad Muller, John Christensen, Todd Schlup, Teresa Schlup Absent: Brandon Peterson, Brendyn Richards, Troy Swee, Michelle Weatherton, Chet Borah, and Brian Peterson

Jeff called meeting to order.

Secretary’s Report: Brad A. made motion to approve minutes, 2nd by Mike. Motion approved.

Treasurer’s Report: Sarah made motion to approve treasurer’s report, 2nd by Teresa. Motion approved.


*Tax Exempt Status—501C3: Jeff shared that it will cost $250-350 to file for 501c3, working with Tom Frieberg to get done.

*Annual Report to State: Jeff also stated that we need to file annual report with the State ($10/year)—have not done this in 3 years, so need to catch up.

*Vermillion Booster Meeting: Teresa shared about meeting with them and got some ideas on things they do for fundraising. Talked about one particular idea, which was a Drive-a-thon. Geoff said he could check into the Ford/Dodge dealership about doing a Drive-a-thon as a fundraiser.

–Another idea is to have a Community pep rally in the fall. If thinking of this, would need to get working on this early

–Banner program another idea that was discussed.

*Performing Arts/Gym project: Deb gave an update on status of this potential school/community project. Currently Architecture Inc. is drawing up a schematic design. Various entities are looking to raise money to help make this a reality. Booster Club gives general support of exploration of this project.

–Booster members would help remove old bleachers if necessary. Discussed what could be done with the wood from old bleachers? Possibly make something out of it to use as a fundraiser.


*New board member: Jeff welcomed new board member, Tricia Beeson.

*Spirit Ideas/Cheerleading Camp: Tricia shared that Stacia and cheerleaders plan to do a cheer camp February 16th at basketball game. Booster Club can help with subsidizing cost of the camp. Tricia plans to talk to Stacia to find out what else she might need from the Booster Club.

*Frostbite 4: Troy gave an update.  He said he needs about 5-6 workers on race day, mainly looking for help cleaning up after the race.

*Board Focus Session: Noted the importance of making sure new members know our vision, mission as we have had a lot of change in past year. Teresa led board members on small group activity. Each group was to identify 3 things the board does well and 7-10 things we would like to see happen in the future. Lots of great ideas were generated from this activity. Thank you Teresa.

–There was some discussion on having an all-encompassing Booster Club (athletics, music, band, fine arts)

*Annual Meeting: Jeff reviewed the amendments to the by-laws and articles. Brad A. made a motion to approve the amendments. 2nd by Tom. Motion approved. We will share these with general membership at Annual Meeting January 20th.

–Executive Board Review: Will need to realign committees. Pres (Mike); Treasurer (Tom), Secretary (Deb)

*Annual Meeting/Social: January 20th after BB game. We will serve wings and pizza from Bertz. Sarah will take care of the food. Teresa and Tom agreed to set up MP gym. Teresa will send out email reminder. Geoff will announce throughout games.

*Region Wrestling: February 18th. Booster Club will help in the coaches/hospitality room. Will need volunteers to do this.

*Whopper Feed: Deb has lined up BK Whopper Truck with Joanne Cotton. We will serve chips, cookies/bars and water. Deb will get bars from Fiesta. Tom will get chips/water from Bertz. It will be a freewill donation.

*Booster Club Youth Basketball Tourney: This is something Brendyn would spearhead, possibly in March.


*Membership committee will meet at Mike’s on 2/9/17.

*Next meeting will be February 12th @ 4 pm at Bertz.

Motion made by Brad A. to adjorn meeting, 2nd by Brad M. Motion approved.

Respectfully submitted,

Deb Bergland




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