January 2014

Jan 21

Beresford Athletic Booster Club Meeting
January 20, 2014

Present: Brad Antonson, Tom Diefendorf, Mike Seivert, Deb Bergland, Ann Kropuenske, Michelle Weatherton, Chet Borah, Sarah Antonson, Brian Peterson, Angela Peterson, Jeff Thaler, Ranee Van Gelder
Absent: Rachael Kirkebak, Troy Doeden

Secretary’s Report

  • Secretary’s report was reviewed, motion to approve by Brad, seconded by Michelle, all approved

Treasurers Report

  • Motion to pay prior year scholarships by Brad, seconded by Deb, all approved
  • Motion to approve reimbursement of funds to Troy Swee by Brian, seconded by Michelle, all approved.

Old Business

  • Spirit – no news
  • Contact coaches to speak at social
  • Roger Night: Display Rogers old jacket in the display case

New Business

  • Send thank you to Jerry’s
  • Recognition Event
    • Bertz, Ben Fahlberg or Central catering – would like to keep it local but need to make sure Carla is aware service is for approximately 250
  • Scholarship
    • Contact Mike Busch closer to the Recognition event
  • State Wrestling
    • Provide $25 cash and a t-shirt to qualifiers
  • Invite Brian Fields and Jared and coaches to the next meeting
  • Frostbite 4
    • List of areas in need of help
    • Registration numbers look good
  • School Song Banner
    • Room to hang the banner, Michelle will look at the area
  • Next meeting
    • February 24th, 6:30 at the Bridges
    • Update – meeting rescheduled for February 23rd, 2:00 at the Bridges

Motion to adjourn, seconded, all approved

Respectfully submitted by Ranee Van Gelder


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