FrostBite 4 Donates 15K

Mar 26
Frostbite Four Donation

Special thanks out to the FrostBite 4!

The Beresford Athletic Booster club truly appreciates the support of the FrostBite 4. Their continued support and efforts helps develop the future leaders of our community.

This year the FrostBite 4 has donated $15,000 to the booster club along with providing support to many other key initiatives in the Beresford school and community.  In addition to this very generous donation, the race committee purchased 4 flags and a new tent for the Watchdog track team.

In just over the past 3 years they have donated more than $50,000.00 to the Watchdog Booster Club.  Discover more and stay up to date on their Facebook page at

Thank you for your support.

#Unleashing the Pride together

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