February 2017

Feb 23
Beresford Watchdog Booster Club

Beresford Athletic Booster Club Minutes


Present: Tom Diefendorf, Jeff Thaler, Mike Limmer, Deb Bergland, Sarah Antonson, John Christensen, Michelle Weatherton, Chet Borah, Brian Peterson, Teresa Schlup

Absent: Brandon Peterson, Troy Swee, Tricia Beeson, Brendyn Richards, Brad Muller, Todd Schlup, Geoff Gross and Brad Antonson

Jeff called meeting to order.

Secretary’s Report: Deb reviewed highlights of minutes from last meeting.  Sarah made motion to approve minutes, 2nd by Tom. Motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report: Tom mentioned outstanding bill he received from Boys Basketball for $2000+, this was approved last fall. Tom also mentioned that we will probably receive some money from FB4 in near future. Jeff mentioned that he has a bill from Fiesta Foods for around $50 for items for Coaches Hospitality room at Region Wrestling tourney. Mike made motion to approve treasurer’s report, 2nd by Brian. Motion carried.


*Annual Meeting/Social Overview: Jeff shared that overall this was a success and we had a good turnout. All agreed, that it is nice to have student-athletes present at socials.

*Tax Exempt Status—501C3: Jeff shared that all paperwork is filed and is in process.

*Booster Youth BB Tourney: Due to short notice and needing time to secure refs, decision made to move tourney to next Spring.

*Cheer Camp: Great turnout, was well received—had 66 participants. Thought was to possibly have 2 cheer camps next year, maybe one in fall and winter.


*Membership plan for 2017-2018: Committee met 2/9/17 to discuss plans for upcoming year. Mike gave updates on what was discussed—few tweaks made to each membership level. We will kickoff membership drive at Fall Sports Kickoff 8/1/17.  Mike mentioned discussion of trying to incorporate some Frostbite 4 sponsorships into BABC memberships.

*Recognition Banquet: Banquet is scheduled for 5/4/17. Agreed on going with Central Catering for meal, Fiesta for cakes. Talked about two former board members to recognize: Ranee VanGelder and Angela Pederson. There was a lot of discussion about format of banquet. Committee will meet to discuss this. Mike shared about Brandon and him meeting with coaches.

*Scholarship:  Sarah passed around formats from other schools regarding scholarships. Committee will meet to discuss new process/criteria for senior scholarships.

*Junior Dawg/Young Ambassador: Have a sub-committee meet with coaches, elementary principal, and AD to discuss this further.

*2017/2018 Booster Board Chairs

President:  Mike Limmer
Vice-President:  Brendyn Richards
Treasurer:  Tom Diefendorf
Secretary:  Deb Bergland
IT Head – Teresa Schlup, Todd Schlup
Frostbite – Troy Swee and Tom Diefendorf
Membership – Mike Limmer, Deb Bergland, Brandon Peterson, Chet Borah, Troy Swee
Fundraising – Brendyn Richards, John Christensen, Jeff Thaler
Sport’s Needs – Todd Schlup, Brian Peterson, Brad Antonson
Homecoming/Spirit:  Tricia Bak, Michelle Weatherton, Sarah Antonson, Chet Borah
Recognition:  Sarah Antonson, Brad Muller, Brandon Peterson, Teresa Schlup
Apparel:  Michelle Weatherton, Tricia Bak
Scholarship:  Brad Antonson, Brian Peterson, John Christensen
Youth Programs/Coaches Relationship – Mike Limmer, Jeff Thaler, Brendyn Richards
Banquet:  Sarah Antonson, Teresa Schlup, Tricia Bak


*Tom asked Teresa to put out a thank you on Facebook for those involved in broadcasting athletic events on the CUBE.  This takes a lot of volunteer time to do this and is greatly appreciated.

*State Wrestling qualifiers: Michelle will get shirts to qualifiers and coaches. Tom made motion for BABC to buy Roger a shirt, 2nd by Mike. Motion carried. Tom will take care of getting money to the qualifiers. Jeff will speak on behalf of Booster Club at Wrestlers Welcome Home celebration.

*Next meeting will be March 12th @ 4 pm at Bertz.

Motion made by Brian to adjorn meeting, 2nd by Teresa. Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,

Deb Bergland



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