February 2015

Feb 20

Beresford Athletic Booster Club Meeting

February 20, 2015


Name Status Name Status Name Status
Mike Seivert P Tom Diefendorf P Michelle Weatherton P
Jeff Thaler P Deb Bergland P Troy Doeden  
Brad Antonson P Angela Peterson P Chet Borah  
Sarah Antonson   Brian Peterson   Ann Kropuenske P
Ranee Van Gelder   Todd Schlup P    
Mike Busch   Rob Wilson      

Status:     P = Present Blank= Absent


Topic Notes
Secretaries Report No Report
Treasurers Report Scholarships paid in January; Profit from Frostbite as of 2/20/15 $10,138—should receive a couple more checks from All Sport Running.   Will table official report until next mtg.
Old Business Talked about success of Frostbite Four. Put thank you in paper for participants, volunteers, sponsors. (Deb took care of, was in 3/5/15).
New Business    


Frostbite 4









Recognition Event











         Board Members







Golf Tourney







Discussion on possible ideas on what to use money for from Frostbite. Ideas mentioned:

*Digital Display Board/TV screen (Daktronics)—Jeff will talk to Daktronics to get more info; Brad will talk to Klungseth to see if any grants available to help fund; Mike & Dief will talk to Brian about this idea

*Entrance to FB stadium

*School Song Banner—thought of putting on digital board if able to go that route

Jeff will talk to Troy Swee to see if FB4 committee has any needs and also to see about having a rep from committee on Booster Club board


Date set for May 9, 2015

*4 pm—same program agenda

*Send letters out by 4/22/15 and have returned by 5/1/15

*Need to think of names for Volunteer of Year or Special Recipient

*Need to think of ideas for Karen Carlson Scholarship




Tablecloth—FB4 committee has it

Blankets– Michelle


President – Jeff Thaler

VP – Mike Seivert

Treasurer—Brad and Sarah Antonson

Secretary – Ranee Van Gelder


President and VP – 2 years

Treasurer/Secretary/Committee chairs – 3 years


Date tentatively set for 9/26/15



VB camps $1700

Next Meeting/Agenda March 25th @ Bridges

Motion by Ann to adjourn, seconded by Michelle, all approved

Respectfully submitted by Deb Bergland



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