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Booster Club Hospitality January 29, 2019

Event Chair: Mike Limmer


The Booster Club would like to offer its members an added benefit for their support this season. During basketball doubleheaders, we will financially fund the food and drink for a complimentary hospitality area available exclusively to current Watchdog Booster Club Members. To make this a reality, we do need some help from you. We are inviting you to consider a date in which you would be willing to set up a table with the food, snacks and drinks. This is not intended to be an added expense to you as the Booster Club will reimburse you up to $125 per event. We are seeking 3 volunteer parents/couples from the boys teams and 3 volunteer parents/couples from the girls teams to help with this. We ask that the food be ready to serve no later than 6:00. Thank you for your consideration. 

January 29, 2019

Task/ItemStart Time End TimeAvailable Spots
Girls Team Parents N/A N/A#1:
Boys Team Parents N/A N/A#1: Sarah & Brad A.