August 2017

Aug 23
Beresford Watchdog Booster Club

August 20, 2017 Board Meeting

6:00 p.m. at Bridges

Present: John Christensen, Deb Bergland, Mike Limmer, Todd Schlup, Teresa Schlup, Geoff Gross, Jeff Thaler, Brandon Peterson, Brendyn Richards (via phone), Michelle Weatherton (attended briefly)

Absent: Brad Antonson, Sarah Antonson, Tricia Bak, Tom Diefendorf, Chet Borah, Troy Swee, and Brian Peterson

Secretary Report – Deb reviewed report.  Jeff made motion to approve, Teresa 2nd, motion carried.

Treasurer Report – Report reviewed.  Current balance is $29,894.135. Teresa made motion to approve, John 2nd, motion carried.

Old Business

Legacy Project Update—Mike shared comments from Brian Field: Regarding Ellie and her services, we are setting up a smaller committee of people to meet and work with Ellie on a scope of services for developing a strategy and marketing campaign for raising funds and a successful future bond effort. Mike will represent BABC on the committee. There will also be a member of the school board, Watchdog Education Foundation, Beresford Area Arts, and admin team members.

Updated contact info for each board member and Financial Summary of Annual Budget—These items were handed out at the June meeting as well as this meeting.

Master Calendar Build—Discussion on purpose of having a master calendar: awareness of upcoming events throughout year to help with planning. Mike mentioned possibly having a parent liaison for each sport in hopes of getting more parent involvement.

Fall Kickoff—Overall consensus was that the kickoff was a success: set up, food, membership, help, etc., even though numbers were not quite what we had hoped. Discussed how we could improve next year to increase numbers. Some suggestions were to possibly incorporate into rules meeting since there was a good turnout for that. Possibly contact the National Guard to bring in climbing walls. Set the date in the Spring, so Kickoff can be promoted at the Recognition Banquet. Possibly have cheerleaders lead crowd in a couple of cheers/school song. Discussed how we need coaches’ to help drive kick-off events.

3 for 30 Membership Drive Update—Mike and Teresa gave update on membership drive. In addition to corporate memberships, we currently have about 80 individual memberships, which include the pride couple memberships. Have brought in over just over $15,000 so over halfway to meeting our goal. We will have a booth at open house 8/21/17, as well as the home VB game 8/24/17. If football game is at home on 8/25/17, will also sell there.

                                                                        Help for Membership/Deliverables

*Monday, August 21st Open House at HS                   *Thursday, August 24th Volleyball Home Opener

1) Mike Limmer                                                                                           1) Deb Bergland                                                      2) Teresa Schlup                                                                                          2) John Christensen
3) Brandon Peterson

New Business

XC Kickoff (August 25th)—Mike shared about set up and T-shirt sales. Sent out communication to XC parents to get volunteers for this and had great response. Mike also shared that Sioux Corp is buying long sleeve dri-fit shirts for all XC athletes.

Popcorn Passes 2016-2017 & 2017-2018—Discussion on how much we need to reimburse school for the past year and how we want to proceed in the future. Discussed reimbursing the school $500/year for the popcorn passes. Geoff mentioned possibility of Booster Club reimbursing by purchasing the popcorn and oil each year.  After discussion, Brandon made motion to reimburse school $500 for 2016-17 and $500 for 2017-18, Teresa 2nd, motion carried.

Seniors thank you cards—Mike gave to Geoff to have seniors sign thank you cards.

Elementary Banners—During summer, Mike communicated with the executive board regarding banners for elementary school gym and locker rooms. Board approved spending $250 to purchase the banners. Michelle stopped in meeting to discuss banners for elementary. Kevin Nelson talked to Michelle about the possibility of wrapping the ventilation/handler units in the gym instead of putting banners in front of them—felt it would look nicer especially in light of upcoming Watchdog Hall of Fame Banquet. The wrap would cost an additional $400. Discussed this and general consensus was to stay with original decision of spending $250 for banners. Jeff made motion to pay $250 for banners, John 2nd, motion carried.

Purchase of additional flags (like the FB4 committee purchased)—Geoff shared how they are trying to use the tall flags any time there is an event: kick-off, football game, XC meet, etc. Discussed whether or not we should purchase more of these. They cost about $350 a piece. After discussion, board decided to hold off on purchasing any more flags at this time.

Coach Rozy School Year Strength/Conditioning—Geoff shared about the summer conditioning program. He shared that overall the survey responses from parents were positive. Geoff shared that they are continuing the program and hope to have it throughout the entire school year. Coach Rozy staff (Kyle McKelvey) has been working 2x/week for 30-45 minutes with athletes in each respective fall sport. The workouts are geared toward each individual sport. Geoff asked for additional financial support from the Booster Club in order to continue this throughout the school year. Discussed if coaches/athletes are invested in keeping this going and if so are they willing to do some things to help pay some of the cost such as coaches/athletes putting on sports camps/clinics for youth?

*Minutes should reflect that the Booster Club voted in April via email to approve $4000 for Coach Rozy’s summer strength and conditioning program.

Booster Club discussed approving an additional $4000 for strength and conditioning program, which would bring the total to $8000. Brandon made motion to approve an additional $4000 for the program, Jeff 2nd, motion carried.

Tailgate Supper for August 25th (Brad, Jeff, Brandon, Russ)—In light of the fact that the football game on August 25th will most likely not be played in Beresford due to field conditions, decision was made to move the Tailgate supper to October 13th.

Homecoming Activities–Tricia and Michelle are getting stuff ready for sales.

**Float/parade—Jeff said we can use his ranger for parade. Will need a banner/sign for it. Teresa will see if Tricia can make a sign for it.

**Street painting—Teresa will visit with Tricia about street painting, possibly moving it to Monday since it is Labor Day weekend. Talked about trying to get the kids/parents involved in the street painting.

**Autographs—This will be on Thursday of Homecoming week.

Top Dawg & 3-Sport Athletes Hallways/Lobby Display—Discussion on how to display this as a way to promote student participation in athletics. Discussed different ideas. Geoff will check with JD’s House of Trophies about getting a plaque that has a slot for a picture. This way the picture could be changed each year to recognize most recent Top Dawg(s).

Booster Club Memberships—Mike mentioned having a display board in the lobby to recognize individuals and businesses who are booster members as of 10/1/17 (since membership drive ends then). Mike will talk to Michelle about this.

Marching Band Competition (Sept. 29th)—Geoff asked Brian Lemaster (via phone) to share about the upcoming band competition. Brian shared that he is hoping that this turns into a long-lasting event, which would bring people in from all over. USD is the premier band and needs to feed all band members (70-80). Brian asked for any assistance possible from Booster Club: financial, water, cookies, etc.

Brian then mentioned idea of music boosters possibly being an umbrella of the BABC and wondered if this would ever be possible. All agreed that this is something that would require a committee of people to sit down and thoroughly discuss at a later time.

Board supports the marching band competition, but is not able to provide any financial support due to what is stated in by-laws. Contributions by BABC, in the forms of goods, services and/or fiduciary contributions are intended to augment the Athletic Program at Beresford School. (Article II, Section 5).

Hall of Fame Update—Mike shared following information:

  1. Can purchase tickets at HS office for $20
  2. Host/Hostess needed, if no of anyone who might be interested let Brian know
  3. Set Up Help needed (following parade on Friday)
  4. Tear Down help needed (immediately following program)
  5. Financial Support needed ($500-$1,000)
  6. Unleash The Pride Logo will be included in the official program

Signature VB and Footballs or FB helmets (Executive Sponsors)—Geoff and Mike will discuss this further.

Process of working with Executive Sponsors—Mike shared that this is a very labor-intensive process. If any one has any ideas/suggestions on how to streamline this so not so intensive long-term, please share.

Other Business

Next Meeting Date—September 17th @ 6 pm at the Bridges

Upcoming Events

  • August 21: Open House 5:30-7:00 (Elem) & 6:30-8:00 (HS)
  • August 24: Home VB
  • August 25: XC Kickoff (t-shirt sales & Sioux Corp Executive Sponsor)
  •                      Home Opener FB (Tailgate Meal)—if game is at home
  • September 4-9: Homecoming Week
  • September 9th Hall of Fame Dinner
  • September 29: Marching Band Event
  • October: Fall Social or coaches breakfast? Can discuss further at next meeting.  Do we want to try and have a breakfast instead of a social after an event?
  • November 29th: Business Luncheon 11:45 -1:00 The Bridges
  • December
  • January:  Winter Social
  • Feb/March: Youth Basketball Tourney (replacing former Com-Ed Tourney)—Brendyn talked about key to tourney is getting coaches behind it, having kids ref, run clock/scoreboard, etc. Will talk more about this in the future.

Next meeting September 17, 2017 @ 6 pm.

Teresa made motion to adjourn the meeting, Brandon 2nd, motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,

Deb Bergland
BABC Secretary

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