August 2016

Aug 26
Beresford Watchdog Booster Club

Beresford Athletic Booster Club Minutes

August 23, 2016

Present: Michelle Weatherton, Tom Diefendorf, Deb Bergland, Jeff Thaler, Brad Muller, Geoff Gross, Todd Schlup, Teresa Schlup, Mike Limmer, Brad Antonson, Sarah Antonson, and Brendyn Richards; Absent: Troy Swee, Brian Peterson

Jeff called meeting to order.

Secretary’s Report: Todd read through the report.  Mike made motion to approve minutes, 2nd by Sarah. Motion approved.

Treasurer’s Report: Sarah recapped financial report. Noted some varying amounts coming in for memberships. Teresa explained that the on-line account takes 2.5-3%, so that’s why some amounts are a little odd. Tom made motion to approve treasurer’s report, 2nd by Mike. Motion approved. Financial books have now been transitioned over to Tom.


*Coaches Luncheon: Mike shared about the coaches’ luncheon, which was held 8/22/16 at the Bridges. The Booster Club sponsored the luncheon. Most coaches were in attendance. Mike shared with them about the vision of the Booster Club. Coaches were encouraged to become members of the Booster Club–membership fee for coaches is $20. Jeff talked about possibly sponsoring this luncheon once a year.

*Membership Update: Mike shared about the membership drive. We currently have about 8 Executive memberships and have brought in approximately $16, 000 in total memberships thus far. We need to continue recruiting members—individual and corporate. There is a plan for specific board members (Brad A., Sarah, Troy, Jeff, Mike, Tom, Brendyn and Brad M.) to make contact with identified businesses about becoming a member of the Booster Club. Businesses want to support the Booster Club and the student athletes.  Mike passed around “tickets” (pictures of athletes) that the corporate sponsors will receive as part of their membership package. These tickets can be given out by the sponsor to whomever and used as entrance into home contests.

–Teresa talked about the push to do memberships on-line. Talked about some of the misconceptions regarding the on-line registration. 2500 people have visited the Booster website via other avenues—Facebook, School website, etc.

–Talked about setting up tables at first home VB game (Brad M. Jeff) and FB game (Tom, Mike, Deb, Troy S.) to sell more memberships. We will have yard signs and membership cards, along with athletic passes at the tables for those who registered on-line already. Will also have them available for people who join that night.

*On-line Store: Michelle gave update on on-line store—some orders have come in.

*Coaches Shirts: Jeff asked for input on paying for coaches’ shirts each year. There was a lot of discussion about this. Shirts for all coaches were purchased last year. All agreed that “Unleash the Pride” needs to be on the shirts. Brad A. made motion that we purchase shirts for coaches this year then do this every other year. 2nd by Brad M. Motion carried. Geoff will get sizes for all coaches and give the info to Michelle.

*Athletes’ Shirts: Jeff asked for input about having Booster Club take care of athletes’ shirts for each respective sport rather than having it run through the coaches, then us. Michelle shared about how this is done via each respective sport—everyone does it differently. Discussion was held and all agree to table this for now.


*Activities Director: Mr. Geoff Gross, Beresford Activities Director/Assistant Principal shared information with the board. He talked about how he tries to encourage student involvement in activities and encourages support from parents and community members. Discussed the end of the year Recognition Banquet. Jeff and Geoff will check on the date for Spring 2017, as the date was previously set.

*Board Review—Secretary role filled by Deb and Treasurer role filled by Tom. Jeff asked for feedback on whether or not we need to have an audit, as this had been previously discussed. There was a lot of discussion, but all agreed no audit necessary at this time.

*Board Openings: Jeff informed the board that Angela Peterson and Mike Seivert resigned from the board. He asked board to be thinking of other potential members for the board.  Talked of trying to recruit some JH parents as potential board members. Please email Jeff with any ideas of potential candidates.

*2016-17 Board Chairs:  Reviewed list of board positions and committees. See list. Jeff addressed need to find someone to fill in for Homecoming/Spirit committee since Angela was on this. She has a lot of items in her garage, but will still need to order items ASAP. Michelle will contact Angela. Sarah will talk to Ranee about helping. Ann Kropuenske and Tricia Beeson have agreed to help. Chet was also appointed to this committee. Michelle will make T-shirts for cheerleaders to throw out at Homecoming game. Street painting will be at 3 pm on Sunday 9/11/16. Teresa (and other board members) will help with street painting. Board members will work on the float for the parade after street painting.

*Calendar of Events: Jeff talked about having a calendar of events set for the year. He passed out an initial rough draft of Booster Club Activities. We can use the event calendar on the Booster website. We want to encourage Booster members to help with Booster projects and by having a calendar of events posted somewhere would give members an opportunity to volunteer for activities of their interest.  We will discuss this further at our next meeting.

Sports Kickoff /Homecoming 2017: Maybe try to tie into the Watchdog Hall of Fame. Will discuss further at next meeting.

*Sports Needs Requests:

*Photography Ideas: Mike shared info from Michelle Maas regarding photography for student accomplishments. She gave some pricing info. Do we want to pursue recognizing students who have accomplishments of all conference, all region, all state, etc.? Everyone had positive thoughts about this and there was good discussion. Continue to think about this and will discuss further at a later meeting.

*Football Tailgate: Booster Tailgate is Sept 9.  Deb checked with Joanne Cotton about possible getting the BK truck to do a whopper feed, but the truck is already booked.  Discussed serving hot dogs and brats if the BK truck didn’t work out. Brad A. and Todd agreed to grill them. They will check with Brian P. to see about ordering the food.  Brad brought up possiblly purchasing a grill(s) for people to use at Tailgates.

*Next meeting set for Sept. 28 @ 6:30 pm.

* Brad M. made motion to adjorn the meeting. 2nd by Teresa. Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,

Deb Bergland

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