August 2015

Aug 28

Beresford Athletic Booster Club Meeting

August 26, 2015


Name Status Name Status Name Status
Mike Seivert P Tom Diefendorf P Michelle Weatherton P
Jeff Thaler P Deb Bergland P Troy Swee P
Brad Antonson P Angela Peterson P Chet Borah  
Sarah Antonson P Brian Peterson P Ann Kropuenske P
Ranee Van Gelder P Todd Schlup P Mike Limmer P
Mike Busch P Rob Wilson      

Status:     P = Present, Blank= Absent


Topic Notes
Secretaries Report No prior report
Treasurers Report Recap of lase year distributed and reviewed, motion to approve by Deb, seconded by Michelle – Approved
Old Business  
Golf Tourney









Booster Club Pork Feed










Booster Club Cards









Street Painting





 Athletes Autograph / sheets






Scholarship disbursement




 Youth Wrestling Tournament




Blitz Cards




Date: September 26, 2015 – 18 holes

$100 Hole Sponsor

Pin Prizes

No team signed up to date

Golf Club Fee is $5.00 per person and cart fees

Announce at home football games for participation

Deb will check on posting flyer

Add information to Facebook

Tom will talk to Mike about Hole Sponsors


Date: August 28, 2015 – 1st Home football game

150-200 pounds smoked pulled pork, will freeze and use what is left at golf tourney

Bertz donated chips and buns

Fiesta Foods donated plates, napkins, BBQ sauce

Will need coolers for water and possibly extension cords for roasters

Free will donation

Bridgewater has been notified

Mike will check on tables

Set up at approximately 4:30, ready to serve at 5:00


Michelle will contact Chuck regarding printing 1000 Booster Club Activity Cards and will order autograph sheets for homecoming.

Michelle, Sarah, Troy and Jeff will sell cards at the first football game

Deb will check with Rhonda for the list of current members



Ann volunteered to step in for Angela this year

Discussed spirit items and order quantity, added distributing forms to the High School as well as Elementary and Middle School


Date: Sunday, September   20th at 3:00

Purchase rollers from Ace

Print rosters from SDHSAA, include Roger #1 Fan

Send request to members for help with painting


Date: Thursday, September 24th during Elementary lunch, Booster club will order lunch for athletes.

Michelle will order 350 sheets from Chuck

Ann will check on sharpie supplies


Mike and Sarah throw t-shirts and water bottles


Discussion regarding timing of funding scholarships awarded by the Booster club to be at the time the award is given instead of at second semester. Discussion regarding who the check will be made to will be determined at a later time.

Motion by Brad to fund scholarships when given, seconded by Brian, approved.


Jeff is working on organizing a youth wrestling tournament as a fundraiser.




Date: Monday, August 31st, 6:15

5 Cards were distributed per athlete prior to blitz night

Drawing for prizes will be held the night of blitz and also announce later after all cards are turned in.

Hotdogs, chips and water will be served to participants

Brad, Tom and Brian will grill

New Business Welcome Troy Swee and Mike Limmer
Board Member Positions


















Fundraising Opportunities




Reach Fundraising


Corporate Membership Levels



Funding Proposals










 Frostbite 4 Updates














Tom D. nominated for Vice President by Deb, seconded by Sarah, approved.

President: Jeff Thaler

Vice President: Tom Diefendorf

Treasurer: Brad and Sarah Antonson

Secretary: Ranee Van Gelder

Committee: Chair, Co-Chair and Advisors

IT: Open, Troy S. will contact Jamie E, Brad will contact Brent Hepner

Frostbite 4:Troy, Tom D.

Membership: Mike L., Ranee

Fundraising: Deb, Ann

Sports Needs: Brian, Todd, Mike S. Chet

Spirit: Angela, Michelle

Recognition Banquet: Mike S., Michelle

Clothing: Michelle

Scholarship: Mike B., Brad, Sarah


Ranee will review and request updates to the Booster Club Website. Updates to include links to Twitter and Facebook.



Go to\Beresford – hub to review options such as Schwaans, Clothing store, apps available for discounts country wide.


Discussion to research options for corporate memberships, determined to establish a committee to review and present to coaches and possibly some business owners.


Runners Point – motion to donate $750.00 by Tom D, seconded by Sarah, approved.

Sarah will follow up with Kevin Nelson regarding funds.

Request to purchase T-shirts for Beresford XC Meet winners

Request to purchase freezies at the Beresford XC Meet

Motion to fund FCA speaker by Brian, seconded by Brad, all approved

Request for Football end zone camera to be used to watch game film. Motion to use funds previously allocated to football program to be used for camera, seconded by Deb, all approved.

Replace Sports banners in the gym for new conference. Motion to pay 50% of cost by Tom, seconded by Michelle, approved.


Recommendation to create a work signup sheet to organize volunteers

Suggestion to use two scanners instead of one

Increase cost from $20 to $30

Offer option to purchase sweatshirts

Removing $100 sponsors from sleeve of shirts, will recognize elsewhere

Move award ceremony from the gym to The Bridges.

Scheels may be a Corporate sponsor

Kari S/Jared O. will handle financials, have writing authority on the frostbite 4 checking account and will present a check to the booster club after the event. A percentage of total funds will be given back to the Booster club and the rest will be left in the frostbite 4 checking account for administrative needs.

Researching tax exempt options for Booster Club, which would include frostbite 4. Mike L. will discuss with Tom F on tax exempt options.


Next Meeting September 20th, after homecoming street painting, approximately 5:00 at The Bridges

Motion to adjourn by Brad, seconded by Deb, all approved

Respectfully submitted by Ranee Van Gelder



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