April 2017

Apr 29
Beresford Watchdog Booster Club

April 23, 2017 Board Meeting

4:00 p.m. at Bertz

Present: Deb Bergland, Michelle Weatherton, Brian Peterson, Chet Borah, Todd Schlup, Brandon Peterson, Jeff Thaler, Sarah Antonson, Brad Antonson, Brendyn Richards, John Christensen, Mike Limmer, Geoff Gross

Absent: Teresa Schlup, Brad Muller, Tricia Beeson, Troy Swee, Tom Diefendorf

Secretary Report – Deb reviewed report.  Brad A. made motion to approve, John 2nd, motion carried.

Treasurer Report – Report reviewed. Brian made motion to approve, John 2nd, motion carried.

Old Business

*Recognition Banquet Update– Sarah gave an update, set up 5/3 @ 7 pm.

  • Teresa has taken care of slide show and programs. Black and white pictures will be on tables.
  • Deb and Michelle will be at check-in table.
  • Brian & Rhonda will be Host/Hostess.
  • We have 10 6th graders to help clear plates, help clean up.
  • Different people will speak during banquet: Jeff, Mike, Teresa, Tom
  • Geoff Gross will ask Jake Limmer to say prayer before meal.

*Awards nominees: Brad A. made motion to nominate Rachelle Borah and Teresa Schlup for Volunteers of the Year, Brian 2nd, motion carried. Deb made motion to nominate Kaleb Peterson for Karen Carlson scholarship, Chet 2nd, motion carried. Tom will hand out Strand scholarship.

*Scholarship Update – 12 applicants. Brad A., John and Geoff will meet 4/25 @ 7:15 am to review applications

*Performing Arts Center Update – Deb passed around schematic drawing of PAC. Talked about BABC paying cost of $6000 to hire marketing company/campaign/capital fundraising. Decided to visit more about this in the future, as we will need to vote on this as a board.

*Coaches Requests—Geoff shared about coaches’ requests, but said not many have come in yet.

*Coach Rosy Sports Performance – $50/athlete will be paid as long as athlete attends 70% of workouts.

*501 (c)(3) Approved—Mike shared that he has the letter, but will have to get the tax exempt code. We will also need to get bill from Frieberg for work on this.

*Board Member Committee Breakouts

*At May meeting, can start working on master calendar. Board felt this would be valuable in planning for the year.

New Business

*Committee Chair Assignments – Jeff mentioned identifying chairs for the various committees for next meeting.

*Frostbite 4 Donation/Update –$15,000 was donated to BABC from the Frostbite 4 committee, which is our largest contributor. Teresa/Todd will put this in the paper.

*2017/18 Membership Drive Update—Mike shared that business kickoff will be June 21@ 12 pm and will have another one in November. Fall kickoff for individual membership will be in August 11 or 12—still need to set exact date. Decided that there needs to be an end date for purchasing Booster Club membership.

*Unleash the Pride Fan Experience –Jeff mentioned trying to increase attendance at sporting events. Ideas mentioned were grade school singing anthem, younger teams scrimmaging @ halftime, dance teams, etc. Any other ideas welcome.

*Fall Sports meeting—Geoff clarified that there will be a fall meeting for athletes and parents on August 1st @ 5 pm.  This would be a time for coaches to meet with athletes and parents.

No other business

Next meeting will be 5/21/17 @ 4 pm at the Bridges.

Meeting adjorned.

Respectfully submitted,
Deb Bergland

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