April 2015

Apr 23

Beresford Athletic Booster Club Meeting

April 15, 2015


Name Status Name Status Name Status
Mike Seivert P Tom Diefendorf P Michelle Weatherton P
Jeff Thaler P Deb Bergland P Troy Doeden  
Brad Antonson P Angela Peterson P Chet Borah  
Sarah Antonson P Brian Peterson   Ann Kropuenske P
Ranee Van Gelder P Todd Schlup P    
Mike Busch   Rob Wilson      

Status:     P = Present Blank= Absent


Topic Notes
Secretaries Report Read minutes, motion to Approve by Brad, seconded   by Deb, all approved
Treasurers Report Distributed and reviewed, motion to approve by Deb, seconded by Tom – Approved
Old Business  
Golf Tourney


Frostbite 4





Recognition Event
















































Recognition Event cont.,













Bridges would like Booster Club items moved to another location


Discussion regarding booster club committee member attending FB4 meetings

Also discussed other fundraising opportunities such as youth wresting tourney or Basketball classic tournament



Date: May 9, 2015

Location: Bridges(confirmed date)

Time: 4:00

Menu – same as in the past

Dessert – Fiesta Food


Set up: all available

Registration Table: Ann, /Deb

Host/Hostess: Todd S., Angela

Cut Cake: Sarah, Angela, Ranee

Fill Water Pitchers



·         Sarah has provided Placemat information to Chuck for printing, one change will listing the BABC contribution amount next to a few items

·         Kathy S. will print the program, details need to be provided

·         Invitations need to be mailed by April 22, requesting rsvp due May 4

·         Need to call caterer by May 6th

·         Fiesta will be providing cake for dessert

·         Setup at 10:00 am Saturday, May 9


Program Agenda

Announcement by Tom

Prayer – Dave Stimes

Host/Hostess Todd, Angela dismiss tables for meal

Character Counts Presentation – Christian Wilson, Bailey Nelsen

Video Presentation – Mr. Merriman



Girls Cross Country

Boys Cross Country

Boys Golf

Girls Basketball

Boys Basketball


Girls Golf



Ostrem Award – Tom

Karen Carlson – Jeff

Bob Strand – Tom

Volunteer of the Year – Brad

Blanket Presentation – Troy & Brad

Closing – Mike Deliverables:


Contact Kathy with revision to the invitations

Collect returned invitations and provide counts to Mike for caterer


Contact Mike Busch regarding list of athletes on the program

Contact Ostrems regarding award and presentation

Contact Dave Stimes for opening prayer volunteer

Mike S.:

Contact Mr. Sorensen regarding volunteer of the year award

Contact Christian and Bailey regarding Character Counts presentation

Contact Mike Busch regarding scholarship recipients


Locate BABC tablecloth/skirt Deb:

Order Plaques for awards



Contact Troy D regarding MC


New Business  
Fall Fundraiser ideas


Board Member position

Burger King Whopper feed

Pulled pork football game tailgate, first home game reserved

Potentially hire Ben Fahlberg to prepare pulled pork, estimated cost $100


Mike S. resigned as vice president for next term.   Will discuss options for replacement at the next meeting


Next Meeting/Agenda May 4thth, 8:00 or directly following Band concert @ High School

Motion by Mike to adjourn, seconded by Michelle, all approved

Respectfully submitted by Ranee Van Gelder



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