3 Sport Athletes and the BHS 2017 Top Dawg

May 05
Watchdog Top Dawg

The dedication of our multi-sports athletes is what makes Watchdogs stand out in excellence.  The hard work, sweat and long hours these students put in is what makes us a team to watch… a team that brings home state level awards.

As a booster club we would like to take a moment to recognize these athletes and say thank you for all you do to show the world what being a Watchdog really means!

Freshman Class 3 sport athletes 

  • Brad Christensen
  • Jace Wurth
  • Jaden Muller
  • Jaycee Fischer
  • Jessica Niles
  • Jordyn Fischer
  • Kellyn March
  • Molly Ebert
  • Nate Kropuenske

Sophomore Class 3 sport athletes 

  • Alana Bergland
  • Alec Atwood
  • Aubrey Boden
  • Aubrey Twedt
  • Beau Hanke
  • Cali Boden
  • Dallas Davis
  • Faith Weiland
  • Grace Quartier
  • Jack Antonson
  • Kadison Satter
  • Rachel Watkins

Junior Class 3 sport athletes 

  • Aitor Perez
  • Cait Savey
  • Hannah Ebert
  • Hannah Nelson
  • Hope Johnson
  • Hunter Borah
  • Sam Nelson

Senior Class 3 sport athletes 

  • Kaleb Peterson

We would also like to recognize our first ever Top Dawgs.  These athletes have either participated in 3 sports throughout all 4 years of high school or lettered in a varsity sport a total of 12 times.

Our 2017 Top Dawgs are Kaleb Peterson and Ashlynn Atwood (pictured above).  Thank you for your dedication to Watchdog Athletics.  We cannot wait to see what the future holds for you!

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