2018 September

Sep 26

Beresford Watchdog Booster Club

Board Meeting
September 5th, 2018
7:00 p.m. at The Bridges

Present: Mike Limmer, Tricia Bak, Michelle Weatherton, John Christensen, Scott Klungseth, Deb Bergland, Carly Cordell, Geoff Gross, Sarah Antonson, Jill Mockler, Brendyn Richards and Jeff Thaler.

Absent: Teresa Schlup, Chet Borah, and Troy Swee

Secretary Report– Report was reviewed.  Jill made a motion to approve minutes, Jon 2nd, motion carried.

Treasurer Report– Report was reviewed, current balance $38,167.28. Jeff made motion to approve treasurer report, Jill 2nd, motion carried.

Talked about Cross Country lantern awards ($120), discussion on using money from T-shirt sales to pay for the lanterns and engraving. Carly made a motion to pay Intense Graphics for the T-shirts and Cindy Erlandson for the lanterns, Scott 2nd, motion carried.

Old Business

Community Canvas by student-athletes: Geoff reported that approximately 80 student athletes went door to door and handed out an invite to the first sporting events of the year, as well as a pocket calendar of events. Overall, there was a positive response about this.

Legacy Project Update: Mike encouraged people to attend the community presentation of the Legacy Project on 9/10/18. Reminded people of the Bond Election 10/2/18. Mike shared that there is a rollout of theatre seat campaign, which hopes to raise $750,000 ($1000 seat). 

Legacy Project Challenge Review: BABC committed $50,000 over 10 years for branding of the floor.  This money will come from BABC fundraising events, such as BB tourneys. Clarification that the $5000 given to hire Ellie Highstreet is part of the $50,000 commitment. 

Audit Update: John shared that Teresa Sveegen still has the books. She talked to Tom Frieberg regarding tax return being done, as she wants to make sure everything is okay with 501c3. John mentioned in the by-laws it states that the board must approve any payments over $100. Discussed whether or not we need to amend by-laws and discuss changing the amount that can be paid without board approval. Will need to discuss this at the annual meeting. John hopes to have a final report on audit at October meeting. Will see if Teresa Sveggen is willing to report her findings when completed.

Snap-Raise Fundraising: Mike reported that the company keeps a high percentage of money raised. Since we already have a good membership drive, which has brought in significant funds, we are not going to do this at this time. However, Mike did share that Emily Ayres and Brian LeMaster are using it.

Open Board Positions: Send Mike any names of individuals you feel would be willing to serve on the BABC board. We will be filling up to 6 positions.

The 3 for 30 Membership Drive:Mike shared that we need to stuff letters after meeting tonight and then make follow-up calls.  Mike reported that we are doing very well with individual memberships this year.  We are up to approximately $13,000 in individual memberships.  How do we reach more parents?  Do we make video of parents/student-athletes talking about what they have gained from BABC, such as no more fundraising.

*Discussed possibly doing a Team challenge—boys versus girls and/or sports teams challenge each other, as students need to have role in membership drive. Discussed having pizza party for winners.

*Also talked about sending out email about what BABC does for members.

*Discussed possibly having student-athletes go live on Facebook about BABC.

New Business

Homecoming Updates: Tricia has ordered items for Homecoming—theme is “Under the Sea”. She emailed Spirit sales form to Judy at elementary. Tricia reported that we usually have $800-900 in sales, don’t lose or make money. She mentioned handing out glow sticks and old pom-poms at the football game.

Street Painting: We will meet on Sunday 9/23/18 @ 3 pm. Tricia will get the paint. We can use the volunteer sign-up form and have coaches get the word out so students and parents can help with the painting.


BABC Board Apparel: Discussed whether or not we wanted to get new apparel for board members.Had some discussion and noted that we got T-shirts last Spring, so maybe hold off on buying any new apparel until next year.  Need to make sure Jill and Scott get a T-shirt.


Fireworks for Homecoming: Dennis McKelvey gives us the fireworks at a great cost (roughly $600).Need someone to light off the fireworks after the football game. Jeff volunteered to do so.


Band Competition: September 28th@ 10 am. School is taking care of food for the bands so we do not need to do anything.


Volunteer Form on Booster site: We can use the volunteer form for members to sign up to help with a variety of events, such as street painting, basketball tourney, Frostbite 4, Recognition Banquet, etc..


Picture Collection for end of season booklet: Getting pictures for the booklet is very time consuming. We need others to volunteer to help with this.  Discussed having a parent from each sport collect photos from Facebook page.


Website updates: Teresa sent email regarding updates on Booster Club Technology. She has been maintaining the website for the past 3 years. (Thank you Teresa!).  She is happy to continue posting the minutes and things on the What’s Happening Page.  However, since she no longer has children in the school, she is not always aware of what is happening and would like someone else to take over creating and reviewing content.

Jill and Deb will write a paragraph recapping events of Homecoming to put on website

Facebook/Twitter Managers: Discussed needing someone to take over managing these accounts since Todd Schlup has been doing this for a while and is no longer on the board

      Carly volunteered to do this.

Michelle will take over the BABC email account

Dates for Legacy Boys/Girls Youth BB Tournaments: Brendyn shared that the 3rd-8thgrade boys tourney will be Feb. 9, 2019 and the girls will be March 9, 2019

School Update/Flags: Geoff shared that the teardrop flags are about $400 a piece.

Decided to hold off on purchasing any flags at this time. Discussed possibility of    purchasing/hanging a banner to hang in the gym.  Geoff will check into the cost of a banner. He will also check into possibility of a mural on wall in gym.

Sunsetting payments for approved items: Discussed using a paper form and having sunset date put on the form—date they need to get payment. Request form would be filled out by coach and given to AD, then it would be given to Treasurer (John).


  • Information Technology/Marketing: Teresa, Michelle
  • Frostbite: Troy, John (20thyear of event)
  • Membership: Mike, Jill, Deb, Brendyn, John
  • Fundraising: Jeff, Brendyn
  • Enhanced Sports Programming: Scott, Chet and 1 vacancy
  • Spirit: Tricia, Michelle
  • Recognition/Scholarships: Sarah, Carly (May 2nd, 2019)
  • Research BABC partnership with Band/Chorus: Carly, Deb, Jill

Other Legacy Youth Tournaments to consider (VB/JH Track): Scott mentioned that Big Sioux now has a youth volleyball league

Other Business

  • Next Meeting Dates
    • October 3rd
    • November 7th
    • December 5th
    • January 2nd
    • February 6th
    • March 6th
    • April 3rd
    • May 1st
    • June 5th

Upcoming Events

  • September 10th: Legacy Project Community Presentation
  • September 28th: Homecoming
  • September 29th: Watchdog Hall of Fame Banquet
  • October 2nd: Bond Election
  • May 2nd: Athletic Banquet

Next meeting October 3rd, 2018 @ Bridges.

Motion made by Carly to adjorn meeting, 2ndmade by Scott, motion carried.



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